A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Successful Career as an Escort for Beginners

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Successful Career as an Escort for Beginners

Building a successful career in the sex industry after starting from scratch is not an easy thing for anyone. However, every successful escort from the past and present started from scratch. By taking proper steps, they were able to become a successful escort. 

Many escorts start their journey from a brothel and others choose to be independent from the word go. So, basically, it comes down to which path you choose. Remember, by deciding to take up the career as an escort, you have already taken a gigantic step in your life. 

Therefore, in this guide, we will guide you on how you can walk on the right track as a beginner to become a successful escort. Here are some of the things that you need to do from the very beginning;

Learn the Basics

Before you start providing your services as an escort, you have to learn about the escort industry. Without knowing where you are getting into, it will be difficult for you to survive as this industry is very much complicated and competitive. 

Also, there are so many things you need to learn about this industry. The best way to do that is to reach out to a support group where you will find information and assistance about getting into this industry. You can rest assured these groups are very much helpful. 

Build a Fantastic Portfolio with the Help of a Professional Photographer

Having a good portfolio is a must for any escort who want to succeed in this industry. Even before your client hires you, he will look at your pictures. If your picture cannot turn him on, then the chances of getting hired by that client, get pretty low. 

That is why you should go and capture some sexy photographs of yours with the help of a professional escort photographer. The finesse of the photographer combined with your sexy body and sensual poses will create a stunning portfolio for your clients to see. 

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Understanding the Module of Charging the Clients

The charges of an escort depend on various things. But, primarily, two things matter the most while deciding on the charges. First, the experiences you are looking to provide the client with such as non-erotic or full-service, girlfriend or porn star experience, etc.

The second most important thing would be your location. You need to check what the other escorts are charging for the services they are providing. Research to figure out the average charges. It will help you to figure out your charges.

Apart from that, you can also look to provide certain discounts to your clients to ensure more hiring. 

Stop Clients from Negotiating 

You need to remember this strictly; you just cannot let the client negotiate with you on the price factor. No matter how firm you are, you will always find clients who will be negotiating you about the price and services you are offering with it. 

But, in such a scenario, you have to be assertive and tell the client that there is no scope for negotiation. In case you are giving any special discount, it is because you have decided to give so, not because of the client’s nagging attitude. 

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Contemplate on the Privacy Factor

Whether you want to keep your identity secret or not is completely up to you. Nobody else should decide that for you. While deciding on the factor, contemplate on your private lifestyle and the circumstances that can arise in your life as an escort. You can do the following things in case you decide to keep your identity private;

  • Crop your face from the images
  • Blur your face in the images
  • Capture photos from angles from where your face will not be visible

You can talk to your escort photographer about it. He or she will definitely help you out.

Using Fake Images is a Big NO!

You should never make the mistake of using the image of another person while trying to protect your identity. It is a very bad thing to do and you will lose your credibility in front of your clients. Also, clients will struggle to trust you while availing your service. 

Instead of using fake images, there are many awesome ways you can capture your photographs for your portfolio. Talk to your escort photographer while shooting for your portfolio. 

Create One Specific Identity

Many escorts create advertisements for themselves by using various names. But, they use the same pictures in those advertisements. This makes the clients confused which is not a good thing for your career as an escort. It is important to gain the trust of the client’s. So, create a specific identity. 

Name Research is Important

The name of an escort is really very important. So, you should choose your name after doing thorough research. Some pick a name randomly only to find out that someone else is using the same name for several years and also, have established herself in the industry. It will not go well for your career as an escort. So, first, research your name properly. 

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Find a Sexy and Catchy Name and Don’t Change It

Many escorts have this problem of changing their names frequently. It really damages their promotion as things have to start all over again. Also, it makes difficult for the clients to find you easily and there are many escorts waiting to pounce onto such an opportunity that you might be presenting them by changing your name frequently. So, choose a sexy and catchy name after thorough research and stick to it, don’t change it frequently. 

Decide on the Mode of Communication with the Clients

You have to decide on the mode of communication that you will be using to communicate with your clients. You have to be certain whether you would be taking calls from the clients or text only. Also, many escorts look to communicate through emails only. So, you need to get a new phone number and set up a new email address for your business purpose. 

Promote Your Escort Services Properly

It is important to promote your escort services properly. There are many ways in which you can promote your escort services. You can also use social media platforms to promote your services. Creating a good website and optimizing it for search engines will bring clients who are searching for escorts on various search engines.

Enrol in the Escort Directories of the Highest Quality 

Another great way of promoting your escort services is by using escort directories. You need to enrol in the escort directories of the highest order so that you are in control of the contents and information you share there. You should be in command when it comes to editing or removing or adding any new information or photos etc. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, starting your career as an escort may seem daunting but if you follow the things suggested in this guide, you will surely find your feet in the industry and attain success in your career. So, keep these things in mind thoroughly and approach your career smartly. You will surely achieve the success you seek. 

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