A Day as a Domina 2:

A Day as a Domina 2:

Isabella’s Revenge

Isabella was determined to bring Jacob into the dungeon for her first BDSM session as a Domina. She was very pumped up because she would be having a meeting with Nancy, the Domina at the Southford Park. She was looking to carve out a plan to get Jacob into the dungeon. 

If ever there was a person whom Isabella disliked the most, then that person has to be Jacob Anderson. She remembered everything vividly about what happened between her and Jacob. She was deeply in love with Jacob. Isabella wanted to get married to Jacob.

What Isabella wanted in her life was to start a family with Jacob. They made love several times and every time Isabella felt like she is the queen of this world. But, everything was gone within seconds when she discovered Jacob fucking her best friend Sophia. 

A few weeks later,

she was completely devastated by the news of Sophia and Jacob getting married. Her dream world had been shattered and she was now living her nightmare. She couldn’t imagine her life without Jacob Anderson. 

But, after meeting Nancy and watching what she did to her clients, gave Isabella a new purpose and outlook towards life. She was ready to start a new life without Jacob and Sophia. But, before starting the new journey, she wanted to finish off what was left behind. 

Isabella did not want to carry forward any grudges. So, she wanted Nancy’s help to get Jacob Anderson into the dungeon and make him her slave. Just imagining Jacob Anderson as her slave brought a sadistic smile to Isabella’s face. 

Isabella got up from her reclining chair and started to get ready for their meeting. She knew things were about to change for Jacob Anderson. 

The Perfect Plan

Nancy and Isabella met at the exact location they were scheduled to meet at Southford Park, in Connecticut. They were very happy to see each other again. Isabella had become Nancy’s best friend within a very quick time. Both ladies thought that they knew each other for a long time. 

Nancy, after listening to everything that Isabella had to say, told, “I understand you want BDSM. But how can you get Jacob Anderson into bondage? Why would he submit to a Domina?” Isabella replied, “I know Jacob Anderson very, very well. He would do anything to fuck a pink pussy.” 

Nancy asked, “So, do you want to seduce this bastard into something he would never even imagine in his wildest of dreams?” Isabella said with an exciting tone, “That is exactly what you and I are gonna do to Jacob. He cannot control his libido. So, he will come to us to fuck anyone of us who will seduce him. And, in return, he will be trapped and abducted to be our slave. Trust me Nancy; we will have a ball with the balls of our fuck toy.”

So, Nancy asked, “When are you looking to execute your plans?” to which Isabella replied, “Whenever you are ready, Darling.” Nancy nodded and said, “We shouldn’t leave such a noble work pending, let’s begin right away!”

The Trap for Jacob Anderson

Isabella gave Nancy a new cell phone which she bought just to execute her plan. She wanted Jacob to get a call from a new number which would make everything more realistic. So, as per the plan, Nancy called, “Hi! Is this Jacob Anderson?” The tone of her voice was slutty and it made Jacob curious. He said, “Yes. Who are you?” Nancy said, “I am Angela, I saw you in the pub last night. Your hot body made me horny. I want you in my bed now. And I want you to fuck me like I am your slave. I am your bondage darling come to me.” Jacob liked BDSM. He was dominant in BDSM and hated to be with a Domina. He loved to have women as his bondage. So, the thought of having an unknown woman named Angela as his bondage made Jacob excited. 

He replied, “I don’t think you are honest. I really want to see you before I am actually sure that you want bondage and BDSM. So, send me your picture on this number. Then I will believe you.” Nancy (as Angela) replied instantly, “Already done darling! Open your WhatsApp, you will see my picture.” Jacob quickly opened his WhatsApp to see the picture of a sex slave. She was held bondage and having BDSM. Her face was covered with a mask. The picture excited Jacob because the lady was naked and there were scars around her breasts. Jacob now not only wanted her as bondage but also fuck this lady hard. He wanted BDSM badly now with this girl. He said to this girl, “Get ready, text me your address I am coming for BDSM”.

Jacob Falls into the Trap.

The plan was successful and now Isabella was about to become a Domina. She would have her first session as Domina with Jacob Anderson, someone she hated the most. She wanted Jacob as bondage for a long time and now she will have him. 

After 30 minutes, Jacob arrived. Nancy, the Domina, was waiting for him to pounce on. She knew that its Isabella’s first BDSM session as a Domina. So, she would be scared if she had to abduct Jacob. So, Nancy went alone to make Jacob the bondage for the new Domina

As soon as Jacob got out of the car, Nancy put the black face cover on his face so that he couldn’t see anything. He said in surprise, “What the fuck is going on? Who the hell are you?” Nancy, bringing her Domina attitude to the fore, said, “Shut the fuck up!” Then she tied Jacob’s hands behind his back and kicked him on his balls. Jacob was in his agony. She dragged Jacob to the dungeon to begin BDSM. Jacob was now in bondage.

Slave Jacob Anderson

The one thing Jacob hated was bondage. He loved to have women in bondage during BDSM. He loved to have BDSM sex. But, for the first time, in BDSM, he was held bondage. It was the last thing he expected, to be in bondage in BDSM sex and a Domina will be dominating him. He was now scared thinking about the Domina. He was praying that the Domina would be merciful to him during BDSM. 

Jacob had self-esteem and therefore, being in bondage was something he could not stand with. BDSM was an enjoyable thing for Jacob until he was held bondage. Now, he was getting scared by thinking about the Domina. He couldn’t see but he could feel that someone was approaching him. He thought the Domina was coming to check on the bondage before the BDSM begins. But, what he heard from the Domina blew his mind away and being in bondage became more unbearable for Jacob. 

The Big Reveal

The Domina said, “Hi Jacob, remember me?” Her voice was recognizable for Jacob. He quickly said, “Isabella, is that you? Why are you holding me in bondage? Leave me alone.” Isabella gave a sinister smile and said, “This is my first BDSM where I will be the Domina and I have got my perfect fuck toy.” By saying that, she made Jacob naked and started hitting his balls gently with lashes. Jacob was feeling pleasure. He just could not believe what was happening. 

Nancy was giving instructions to Isabella and she was doing whatever Nancy told her to do. He lashed Jacob like there was no tomorrow. Jacob and Isabella had a BDSM sex session before. But in that session, Isabella played the role of the submissive that was held in bondage by Jacob. Jacob was having a feeling that Isabella was taking that revenge of the lashes he hit her. But, he did not know that the lashes he hit her on that night did not leave as bigger scar than the one left when he betrayed her with her best friend. 

As Isabella was hitting lashes after lashes to Jacob, tying him up and making him stand like X and beating the hell out of Jacob, she was actually leaving all her grudges for Jacob. After 2 long hours, she finally had enough and she ended the BDSM session. She was really feeling relieved. Jacob was sitting at the corner. She went up to him and opened his face mask. Jacob was still cursing him. 

But, Isabella smiled and said, “I forgive you now fully for what you have done to me. I am now ready to begin my new life as a Domina.” Nancy said, “Will you give this bastard aftercare?” Isabella said, “No, just leave him like this. Let him contemplate on what he did to me.” By saying that Isabella went outside and she was smiling. She was ready for the new surprises of life. She didn’t know that an even bigger and pleasant surprise was waiting for her. 

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