A Day as a Domina

A Day as a Domina

So, being a domina and a family woman was not an easy thing for her. But, she always wanted to have her own family. Also, she loved her job as a domina because Bdsm was something that really made her feel alive. 

Though her life was hectic, she loved it. Bdsm was the only thing that helped her to get rid of the trauma she faced with her last relationship. She was deeply in love with Jacob. However, when she found Jacob was a dick and was cheating with her best friend Sophia, she was really pissed. 

Isabella loved watching Bdsm. She always had a kink to be a domina. When she got cheated by Jacob, the only thing she desired was to be in the role of a domina and have Jacob in the dungeon with her where she would go full-throttle with Bdsm on Jacob. 

But, that never happened and Isabella’s rage for Jacob made her a domina. She was a sweet girl with an introvert personality. However, that betrayal of Jacob changed her life forever as she became one of the most popular domina in her city. 

Her first day as a domina was something she still can’t forget. It was a life-changing experience for Isabella. So, whenever she still thinks about it till date, she gets butterflies in her stomach. 

Meeting with Nancy

After Isabella broke up with Jacob, she was looking for ways to get over this disappointment. She spent a whole week contemplating was her wrong in the relationship. Then she started to watch some random videos on the internet. 

There was one video that made her feel happy. It was a Bdsm video. In that video, a domina was playing with her fuck toy. After seeing a man getting dominated by a woman in that Bdsm video, for the first time in a week, Isabella was feeling happy. She knew what she had to do to get over her emotional pain. So, she searched for a domina and wanted to learn Bdsm from her. 

She never liked to get dominated in Bdsm and she wanted specifically to be a domina. Finally, Isabella found Nancy who was a domina. Isabella called Nancy on the number given on the website. When Nancy picked up the phone, Isabella told her everything regarding why she wanted to get trained as a domina. Isabella said, “I want to inflict pain especially to men.” Nancy said, “Oh! You will surely have plenty of scopes for that.”

Nancy asked Isabella to come to her Bdsm dungeon and take look at the whole set of how things worked. Isabella was thrilled and excited to have that invitation from such a popular domina.  

Meeting at Park

The next day she got ready early in the morning. Nancy and Isabella decided to meet at the Southford Falls Park which is 30 minutes’ drive from Isabella’s house. The park usually opens at 8 in the morning. So, she went inside and found Nancy who came forward and greeted her. 

Both the ladies were chatting in a friendly way. Isabella expressed all her feelings with Nancy who told her, “Men are mostly jerks. I am saying this from my own experience darling. However, when you will beat the hell out of those men in the dungeon, you will feel better than ever.”

“I am dying to experience something like this!” Isabella explained. Nancy said, “Tomorrow, I am gonna have an appointment at my dungeon. My client wants it to be absolutely secret between him and me. But, he will have his blindfold on which is his type of fetish that he wants to try. So, I am gonna take you for a trip to the dungeon now. But I want you to be there when I am doing my Bdsm acts with my client tomorrow. However, there is one condition, you cannot speak or create any noise. My client will not know that you are there. You will go away before I open his blindfold. I don’t want any sound in the dungeon that will make him aware that there is a third person. Is that understood?” Isabella replied, “Yes, Nancy!” But Nancy interrupted and said, “From now, say yes mistress.”

Paying a Visit to the Dungeon

After the encounter at the park, Isabella went to the dungeon with Nancy. When she entered the room, she was really flummoxed to see how neat and clean the place was. She did not expect that. She thought that the place would be like scattered and nasty. 

Nancy introduced her to various types of Bdsm equipment such as bondage chains, collar, mask, and so many other things. Isabella had no idea what was the use of all these types of Bdsm equipment. The way she was looking at them, Nancy knew what was going on in Isabella’s head. 

So, Nancy said, “If you want to be a domina and organize Bdsm, then you have to use them. Come tomorrow, I will teach you how to be a domina and how you can organize Bdsm.” Isabella replied by saying, “Yes, Mistress.” And after that, they both winked. Both Isabella and Nancy felt a connection between them that made them felt life best buddies. 

Experiencing a Day as a Domina

It was 5’o clock in the morning. Isabella couldn’t sleep overnight. She was so excited and wanted to be there on time when the session will begin. The time of the session was the 4’o clock in the afternoon. Each and every hour seemed like a year for Isabella. 

Finally, at 4’o clock, she reached the dungeon. What she saw after entering the place made her tremble. She was just standing in front of the door. She saw a man naked kneeling in front of Nancy. His hands were tied behind his back. He was wearing a mask through which he could not see anything. 

Nancy was hitting that man with a whip and the man was taking every hit and saying, “Thank you, mistress!” After that, she chained the man up and made him stand in a platform which made him look like an X. Then Nancy started to hit the man with the whip to his sensitive spots. Nancy was yelling and ordering the man as she owned him.

The man was in agony but was enjoying the pain. She learnt from Nancy that Bdsm was all about giving her clients pleasure in pain. Nancy also whipped the man in his balls and butt which was a part of their Bdsm agreement. His white body had become red with the lashes from the whip and that is what Bdsm could do to someone.

When the Bdsm session was about to come to an end, the domina of the session, Nancy told Isabella to go because she would now open the blindfold of her client. Isabella went back to her house but the experience she gathered today by sneaking into the life of a domina was priceless and she now knew what Bdsm was all about. 

The Desire of Isabella

When Isabella came back from the Bdsm session, she was having a desire which she wanted to fulfil. So, she called the domina she knew, Nancy. When Nancy picked the call up, Isabella said, “How was your client after all those beatings?” Nancy replied, “Yeah, he was all right. I loved it. He said he would do it again and the funniest part is, he never knew that you were there.” They both laughed at that. Isabella said, “Nancy, I want to have Bdsm as well. I want to play the role of a domina and dominate a man. I want to begin my life as a domina and start doing Bdsm.”

Nancy said, “Look, girl, Bdsm is not easy. You have to act very carefully if you want to become a domina. So, do you have anyone in mind with whom you want your first Bdsm session because it seems like you want revenge?” Isabella replied, “Yes, I know with whom I want to start my Bdsm journey. I want to beat that man. However, I will make sure he feels pleasure in pain. But I want to see him kneel in front of me like a slave; I want him as my slave Nancy!”

Nancy said, “Okay girl, if that is what you want, then we will do it. We will bring that bastard in the dungeon and you will play with him as your fuck toy. Now, get some sleep and meet me tomorrow because someone’s gonna get spanked in the hand of a new domina within some days.”

After the assurance from Nancy, Isabella went to sleep. She knew a new Isabella was about to born. Isabella was about to begin her life as a domina and her first Bdsm client will be Jacob Anderson!

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