Adult Models Can Make Some Quick Money Online. Here’s How.

Adult Models Can Make Some Quick Money Online. Here’s How.

These days with the upsurge of technological wonders and innovations, making some money with the aid of it is quite easy. Internet surely takes a front seat as the height of such technological advancements. What the world is now experiencing is just the beginning of the mind-boggling journey in the sphere of the internet. 

Estimates suggest, there are close to 4.39 billion internet users while social media users alone clock 3.48 billion in numbers. For any kind of business, this surely is the most lucrative time. Marketing activities through online presentation can fetch the end number of customers. Careful planning, manipulation of the existing traffic on the internet goes a long way to leverage a business. Adult model industry is particularly cashing in on the riches of the internet business model. For an adult model, finding oneself amongst the scores of internet users and then using the existing platform requires;

  1. Strategy and
  2. Intelligence.

Now let’s try to shed some light on the ways of earning money as an adult model.

7 Ways that Makes Money Earning a Possibility as an Adult Model

Live Streaming Performance or Live Cams

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These days, there are no less of adult websites that can host videos. All such websites that serve as platforms for the videos charge a certain percentage of the money earned them. If you happen to be the owner or the customer of your business dealing in adult models, you can perform thorough research for the best deal that is available. Now while doing so, it is extremely important that you don’t fall prey to false lures of loud slogan bearing advertisements. It is essential to go through the reviews that normally such sites get.

The best of the best adult model directory websites depend on traffic. If you happen to be an adult model you will surely like to be put up on a website that has adequate traffic. An easy way to check out is the website’s rank. A popular website will have lower ranks with much higher traffic. Research work regarding the selection of proper websites becomes particularly important for an adult model market marketer as careful selection removes the chances of heavy deduction of commissions. 

Nudes, Presentation and Sale

Adult model visitors or customers love buying the nudes of their favourite models. Selling their nudes is surely a great way for adult models to earn some extra bucks online. The portrayal of the female form or body unmistakably goes for a fair price of sale in various platforms. With the combination of websites and social media, search like ‘nudes available for sale’ are always popular. The bodily features undoubtedly are more in demand than the looks of the adult model. 

This just doesn’t end here, as there’s more to the art of online nude selling. There is the availability of custom nudes for people who are willing to pay some extra money in accordance with their wish. Only the maximum satisfaction can be derived by the customers and this extends on to the strong desire of connecting to the nude model. Clients thus go on to any length to fulfil their wishes. 

Selling of video Performances that are Pre-recorded

Characteristics and preferences of adult models vary from person to person. There are models who don’t like to play themselves to a live streaming audience. These models prefer selling pre-recorded videos of them. One good advantage of pre-recorded videos is that the models can really improvise on their performances and get more creative in turn. The pre-recorded videos offer complete independence to the adult model performers without the need or requirement to turn down any awkward advances during the live session.

This particularly works out well for models that have just started out in this profession. Over the natural passage of time, the adult model can learn the needs and requirement of clients, the demand that most rides the popularity chart and the room that is there for further improvement to lure in more clients. The main motive of this piece of discussion is to make the most of an available market and charge the best possible price for it. While doing so, ensure all the research works are in place along with good negotiation skills. 

Online Sex Chats

Sex chats act as titillation for clients. While talking dirty is so much enjoyable in personal life it is, without doubt, these things also go on great lengths professionally. Adult models mostly suggest it is a very safe and secure and comparatively mild way of earning money online. Adult models in this field only require chatting or flirting with their clients in terms of texts without any bodily displays. However, there are also instances of chats where the model certainly shares nudes, videos and other close-ups to clients. If not disclosing at the very start, one can also reveal themselves slowly over time as their brand builds. It has to be kept in mind, similar to a company; an adult model also needs to build her brand. 

Now coming to the payment part, surely sex chatting does not sound high paying enough like live cam shows. But there are sites or platforms that indeed pay a fairly handsome remuneration.  This can be like a dollar for every minute of chat. Now which clients do actually look for the sex chat service? Studies suggest people who feel lonely and unloved are most likely to avail sex chat services. It is therefore essential in the complete privacy of this platform, adult models must let the shy clients open up, feel safe, and have uninterrupted chats. All it takes for an adult model to be good in this is have a nice grasp of grammar and always be online. 

Packaging and Monetisation of Snapchat Account

While something like Snapchat has tens and millions of users around the globe, it surely qualifies as a very essential tool of adult model marketing. With the right packaging and presentation, money flow can be continued without any hiccups. Most adult professionals suggest Snapchat has indeed changed the lives of many adult models. 

Life of a P*ornstar

The porn industry is something that demands quality performances. People who watch porn are also very selective in accordance with reputed porn site surveys. Figures tell a story of porn watching population that is on a decline. This is primarily in search of better presentation and content. Adult models can take to this field like many but doubly important becomes the way of presentation and acceptability. The smart way of working is important without putting oneself in a risky business. The field surely has many risks associated thus hard work, honesty is of prime importance to the adult models. 

Phone Sex

Phone sex isn’t something that is new. It has been around for a long time now. Yet, its importance or its popularity hasn’t suffered any setbacks over the length of time. Statistics suggest phone sex operators are found these days in multitudes. All this field requires for the adult models or phone operators is to be casual without any inhibitions and full of inner confidence. While some confusion exists on the mode of payment or the success rate of such business models, most suggest it is rather the prevailing misconceptions that create losses. Adult models who are finding great difficulties in establishing themselves or favour flexible working hours are the perfect match for this field. Only secret ingredient necessary for success here is the love and passion for the job. 

7 Ideal Platforms for Making Good Money through Online Presence

Use Patreon

Patreon is solid, much tried and trusted way of making money online for adult models. The payment comes rich and fast for the sale of nudes and other payable services to clients. A number of female adult models have thus taken to Patreon and that too full-time. Clarity of conscience is necessary for someone looking forward to making some money online. With a proper plan in place, Patreon works like a breeze. Patreon is excellent when it comes to the following;

  1. Self-management of funds
  2. Complete transparency of monetary transactions
  3. The exclusive and quality reservoir of contents
  4. Direct client dealing facility for the adult model resulting in more money

With a proper systematic payment system like Patreon in place, adult models very much enjoy the fan following like situations from their clients. The most experienced of adult models using Patreon however knows about the full limits they can reach or earn from. All one requires to do is make the most of the area that suits. 

Twitter for Earning

A website for adult model directory shows light on a term called philanthropic nudity that takes its roots to a platform like Twitter. Adult models perform nudity in exchange for money. The money can then go on to be used for any social cause. There are already some names of adult models on twitter that have made it big on a worldwide basis. Their beliefs and hard work have helped them achieve all the success.

Reddit, the Niche Platform 

Reddit happens to be a niche platform but surely has a nice following. Adult models tend to use it as a hot spot for themselves. There are subreddits that leads clients to adult model contents in no time. The host of available adult and erotic contents attracts a steady stream of Reddit users. 

Instagram the Pictorial Platform

Instagram certainly is a platform that stays miles away from nudity or eroticism. Yet this has proved to be a platform that is much in demand for the adult model business. A good way to understand Instagram is seeing it as a potential funnel to convert followers into paying customers. Adult models can exhibit themselves or the product, generate a certain level of interest amongst the followers and finally make them end up paying for the services. Instagram has a secretive mantra that reads as the curation of qualities, conversation with potential clients and conversion of potential clients to regular customers. 


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Snapchat has its own pros and cons. But one thing’s for sure, the platform has proved itself to be an automatic choice for the adult model business. Snapchat, however, requires a payment gateway dependent on a third party for all the monetary transactions that take place. Snapchat has a premium option on offer for its users. This option extends from being yearly, monthly to a lifetime of access. A user can start off in Snapchat quite easily too. A smartphone with an installed Snapchat app is all that is required. Adult models try to increase their follower base to the maximum as that also results in a big subscriber base. 

WhatsApp the Chat App

While this has to be on the note, that WhatsApp under no circumstances supports or promotes the use and sale of adult contents or products, it is one of the most popular platforms for businesses to interact. Adult model business is no different either when it comes to the use of the WhatsApp platform. Any business can have multiple WhatsApp accounts. Individually too, accounts can be there on WhatsApp for personal or the separate adult model entity. Peer to peer nature of the platform gives enough room for direct client interaction alongside services of sex chat or sexting. With a strict privacy measure in place, the most can be made out of the WhatsApp platform. 


Phrendly just in lines of its name is a great place for adult models to build connections and also to flirt. This is an online dating company that allows all the funs and frolics of dating in real life. The platform supports and enhances the user experience to great lengths. Since the privacy controls are very strict and fully in place, almost nothing goes out for a leak. If just don’t end there, the dating app features cool options like ‘share a drink’. This means nothing but an invitation for the client to spend more and more. 

Ways of Online Growth for an Adult Model 

Start the Identity of a Brand

Till now in this piece, the emphasis has strictly been given on how to build a brand. Businesses have to create an identity or brand of their own to survive in this competitive world. It is in this juncture of creating a proper brand identity, the customers are the ones who always are the priority. There is a subtle balance that has to be maintained between over-branding and under-branding. Over-brand results in losses since the customers can leave mid-way. It becomes highly important to keep a level headed business strategy in place. A good way of building brand ensures long term monetary benefit with an easy conversion. 

Assign a Brand Manager in Place

 Always aim for the next best thing that can happen to your business. Assigning a brand manager with necessary qualifications is certainly how things should be taken care of. An experienced manager will go a long way in helping the adult models achieve all their desired goals.

Clever spending on the manager is also advisable for the business. Once a brand manager takes to task, work improvement becomes much easier. Most adult models advise against the use of too many resources on the manager. There are these days adult agencies that offer services of brand management. All it takes is a bit of thorough research. 

Give a Shoutout to other Adult Models!

Going by the proverb, ‘Together we win, divided we fall’, the adult model industry also very much gains through collective work. Strategy based smart work is the best way to progress and this helps all involved. Learning the trade from each other is very beneficial for the adult model business. The biggest business enterprises and business models have all grown up on the model of collective learning. 

Keep an Account

Surprising it may sound, particularly in the context of the adult model industry, but it is essential to keep a good solid journal listing all the day’s events. The entries can be from the day’s activities as to what truly happened to client interactions and more. 

A good way to understand the individuality of clients is to write it down. Characters differ from person to person, listing them down helps an adult model business to improve. With the expertise, all the jotted down information will be much beneficial to turn into items of value. A perspective and working effectively in terms of it is surely very effective in any business model. 

Understanding the Easy Work-Life Psychology

While customers are of extreme value and importance to any business that does not, however, mean that adult model business owners must ignore their own personal life. A good work-life balance makes businesses extremely sustainable over the length of time. 

One can balance-out life as well as go on to love’s job. A work-life without relaxation and enjoyment can soon turn out to be boredom. The understanding of one’s functionality and responsibility comes in the first place. The rest of all the necessities follow suit to this. Building self-knowledge, staying motivated is a few of the ways if enjoying life. 

A Solid Financial Plan

In order to be effective in the sites for adult model listings, a solid financial plan is a priority for any adult model business. Statistics reveal a cam girl adult model can earn anywhere from $6000 to $12000 a month. But this earned money greatly depends on the concept and understanding of the adult industry. Financial planning helps to understand the expenditures as well as the income generated. Functioning with a good financial advisor also helps. Just mark the areas where more money can be generated with enough room for improvement. 

A Virtual Assistant at Work

Online virtual assistants are not hard to come by online. An adult model that is essentially a creative entity can greatly benefit from such use of assistants. Having to run an adult model business on one’s own, virtual assistants are the perfect assistants to track all operations. Adult models have to make their own money online. It is not just the body which sets off an adult model business but also a smart way of thinking and putting to use every available business strategy. 

A brand with good value will surely be able to bring in the riches in no time. So, follow the tactics in this article to increase the influx of cash and create your own adult modelling brand. It is time for you to shine as well. 

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