An Awkward Moment 2: A Surprise for Melinda

Melinda was living in a dreamland since her last meeting with Rob. She just cannot believe the way Rob whispered in her ears, “From now onwards, you are my personal bitch.” She also remembered Rob saying, “No other woman satisfied me like you did, Melinda.” These words from Rob reverberated in her ears.

Rob wanted her to move to Zurich from Berlin and so she did. She was also in touch with the escort agencies for which she worked in the past. The only condition for her now was if Rob wants her, she will cancel the appointments without a second thought. The agencies did not mind it because they knew how good Melinda is in bed and she can satisfy any client.

But for Melinda, now it was all about satisfying one man, Rob, the man who makes her feel like a real woman. She doesn’t know whether she loves Rob or not, but, she definitely knows that she lusts him. She can’t stay away without his dick.

She wants to suck it, take it deep in her mouth, lick his balls, and swallow his cum. She wants Rob.

But, the reality straight away sunk into Melinda, she and Rob did not meet after their last sex which was about a couple of weeks ago.

Since then she had moved to Zurich, rented an apartment and also gave service to a couple of clients who were good but not as good as Rob. She was getting desperate to meet Rob. But, he told her not to call. Rob will call her when he needed to eat her up like he always did.

Another week passes and Rob’s call never came. Melinda was becoming frustrated now. She picked up her phone and thought, “Enough is enough, and I want to know what is he up to why he is not calling me?” These thoughts were running through her mind and suddenly her phone rang. She was holding it in her hand. She saw the name of the caller, and it was Rob.

“Hi, Bitch! What’s up?” Rob said. Melinda said, “Nothing’s much, what about you?” Rob replied, “Nothing, just missing your pussy, want to drill it tonight, come to my place now!” by saying this Rob hang up the call. The heartbeat of Melinda was increasing now. She was once again going to meet Rob who will fuck her like a true bitch and she loved it. She is truly Rob’s personal bitch and she did not mind it.

So, she got up to get ready. She wore a slutty silver sequin dress that will make any man hard. Her white body combining the sliver color of the dress made her look like a whore. She applied makeup and got ready for a great fuck session.

She got out of her apartment and booked a cab to Rob’s apartment.

She thought that Zurich’s cab services are really fast.

She reached her destination in no time. She pressed the bell of Rob’s apartment and this time, Rob gently opened the door of the apartment and welcomed her gracefully. She was happy to see the gesture from Rob.

When she entered the apartment, she saw Rob along with four other guys. She was a bit surprised because she thought Rob would pounce on her like he did the last time. But, this time, he was sitting with four other men. Rob introduced her to the other four men. They were all wearing suits and by the first look, Melinda thought that they were all corporate professionals.

Suddenly a kinky thought emerged in her mind. „What if I take all these men in me tonight?“ Just the mere thought of it made her wet. Rob excused them and took Melinda to his bedroom. Melinda thought, „Will he fuck me now? There are men outside as well.“ Rob entered the bedroom scanned Melinda’s body carefully and said, „Perfect! You have to take them all tonight. I will not fuck you.“ Melinda said, „What! You haven’t told me that I will be fucking all these men. I thought it would be you only.“ Rob said in an irritated voice, „I will pay you 4-times than your rate, now go and make them satisfied Mel.

If you can do that then I will crack the biggest deal of my career. It will be good for both of us.“ When Rob said ‚us‘, Melinda became emotional. She said, „I will fuck them if you join as well. I will not be charging you. I was here for your cock and I want it anyhow.“ Rob said in a happy voice, „You are really my personal bitch.“ By saying this, he slapped her face hard and kissed her lips. Rob took her tongue in his mouth and suck hard. Then they separated and Rob slapped her face again and said, „Get ready bitch! It will be a rough night for you!“ By hearing this, Melinda became hornier and wanted dicks desperately.

Both Rob and Melinda got out of the room and Rob said, “Gentlemen, here is your bitch, use her the way you guys want.” The eyes of each man in the room lit up by seeing Melinda. One guy came to her and started kissing her. Another guy came and grabbed her ass. She was now sandwiched between the two men. One was kissing him and the other was fondling her ass. She had one glance towards Rob and he saw that he was playing with his dick alone. So, she went over there and took his cock in her mouth. She told everyone to take their cock out she will suck every one of them.

All of them brought their cock in front of Melinda’s face and now she was sucking each of them one by one. While Melinda was sucking the cocks, they started introducing each other to Melinda. Their name was Mike, David, Shawn, and Luis. Melinda was so busy sucking she did not pay any heed to their names. Luis said, “Guys, it’s not fun, let’s rough it up.” By saying this, he took Melinda by the hair and started to fuck her mouth like there is no tomorrow. Similarly, others started to slap her butt, her boobs, and her back. They tore her dress into pieces. After that, Mike laid her down on the floor and started licking her vagina while David was fucking her face and she was holding two cocks in her hand. It was heaven for Melinda, pure heaven.

After licking her pussy, Mike turned to her ass hole. He licked it and in no time he was in and the pain Melinda felt was excruciating. She screamed but David pushed his dick in her throat and said, “You will remember this night for a long time bitch.” After that, Rob inserted his dick to her vagina and now all three men were fucking Melinda’s ass, pussy, and mouth.

Once Mike was done fucking Melinda’s ass, Luis took over and said, “Bitch, I will stretch your ass now.” He started pounding like there is no tomorrow. Melinda was screaming and David now took over the pussy from Rob and Rob inserted his dick in Melinda’s mouth. He said, “Eat your pussy slut.” Rob slapped Melinda’s tits while fucking her mouth. They were fucking her vigorously. All of them took turns and fucked all the holes in her body.

Finally, Mike and David spread their cum in her boobs which she applied it on her body. Luis ejaculated on her face which she massaged it. Finally, Shawn and Rob put their loads in her mouth which she accepted gleefully. She swallowed all the loads and said, “Tasty!”

Then all of the men took pictures with Melinda asked for her contact number. She gave them and they promised to book her escort service because they just loved it. Once everything was done and dusted, everyone went back leaving only Rob and Melinda in the apartment. Rob said, “How was it?” Melinda said, “Extraordinary, loved it!” Rob said. “Go and take a shower, I will prepare our dinner.”

Melinda was happy to see that Rob cared for her. On the dinner table, Rob said, “Mel, I have good news, the deal is done all thanks to you. You were great, I don’t have words to tell you how grateful I am to you.”

Melinda said, “Okay, you don’t have to explain it with words, show me with your actions!” Rob said in a surprised voice, “Do you want to have sex again after so much fucking?” Melinda said, “Yes! I am your fuck doll. I came here to have sex with you only but I did not get it. You had all these men. I craved for your cock only, so now, give it to me.” Rob was happy to hear this, he said, “Okay bitch let’s go, let me give you the fuck of your life.” Both of them went to the bedroom. The sound echoed from that room made everyone in their neighborhood know what was happening inside the room.

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