How Sex Toys Create an Impact on Relationships?

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When you had sex with your partner for the first time, it was an amazing feeling. You might have been totally satisfied and had the greatest orgasm of your life. The same feeling happened once again quite a few times after your first time. But, now you don’t feel satisfied at all.

In fact, having sex with your partner has become boring. You don’t enjoy your sex life anymore and thus, getting frustrated with your relationship. The reality is, it is not only you but millions of couples around the globe also face the same problem. They want to spice up their sex life and get the same ecstasy they used to achieve initially in their sex life.

Including Sex Toys in Your Sexual Adventure with Your Partner

Have you ever thought about including sex toys while you two are in action? Yes, you can raise your eyebrows but the fact of the matter is using sex toys is no more a taboo. But, you have to introduce your partner to this idea of using sex toys smartly to prevent any problem from arising.

Most men and women have their secret collection of sex toys which they don’t want to reveal because of the fear of how their partners would react to it. You should know that it is absolutely normal to talk about sex toys between couples. It is not underestimating the sexual capacity of the partners but it is enhancing the sexual experience for both. Here is how you should introduce your partner to sex toys.

Don’t Give Your Partner a Surprise by Telling about Using Sex Toys

Yes, giving surprises to your partner can be a very exciting thing, especially, the perplexed expression he or she might have after the surprise is revealed. However, the last thing you would want to is to reveal the idea of using sex toys in your relationship without any pretext. The aftermath of such a surprise can be unsavory. That is why you should talk to your partner about the fantasy you have about using the sex toy. No matter what, make sure that your partner knows about it before you introduce the sex toy to your partner. It will ensure a smooth entry of the sex toys in your relationship.

Don’t Stop Communication Going while Using Sex Toys

The main purpose of using sex toys is to improve your sex life. It can make the foreplay more sexually stimulating and give you the thrill and intensity that were missing in your sex life. Now, to use sex toys during your foreplay effectively, you need to communicate with your partner at every stage. You need to share the feeling you are having as your partner uses the sex toys on you. Knowing that you are reaching the height of ecstasy will excite your partner to use the sex toys more.


Both Partners Should Use Sex Toys on Each Other

Introducing sex toys during the foreplay is not all about you having the pleasure only. Your partner should also have the same pleasure as you are having. That is why it is important that you also look after your partner’s needs. Both partners should use sex toys on each other so that both find the pleasure from their sexual adventure. It will create the foundation for a long-lasting and happy sex life.

Shop for Sex Toys Together

When you and your partner have decided to use sex toys during the foreplay, both of you should go out to shop for sex toys together. Every man or woman has sexual preferences that are hidden from their partner. If you can find that hidden sexual fantasy of your partner, then you might be able to give him or her, the pleasure of a lifetime. Shopping sex toys together will enhance the experience of using it on each other.

Use Sex Toys with Safety

You need to be careful about using sex toys with your partner. If you or your partner has an STI, then, by sharing sex toys, you can also share the problem as well. Therefore, you have to very careful while swapping sex toys. Moreover, some sex toys are made with bad-quality material. Using them can result in the irritation on your skin. Also, the pores in the sex toys will be home to bacteria that will cause harm to you and your partner.

So, to avoid this cross-contamination, you can use condoms. It is a great option because it will also add a spark to your sexual discourse. Furthermore, the kinky person that you have inside will feel satisfied by using condoms. You will also not have to sterilize sex toys every time after using it.

Can Using Sex Toys Damage Your Relationship?

Using sex toys will not going to destroy your relationship. Moreover, it will enhance the relationship you have with your partner. Sexual satisfaction plays a big role in a happy and healthy relationship. Also, the myth that vibrators will replace your partner is totally wrong. If you and your partner communicate well with each other, then you two can eliminate such myths by staying on the same page.

So, one thing is clear, sex toys will not damage your relationship. Instead, it will enhance your relationship to make it happy, healthy, and satisfactory. A recent study showed that most of the couples using sex toys are happier than the ones not using it. Therefore, using it is the way to go but what are its benefits? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys with Your Partner

More Enjoyment

When the act of sex becomes a regular and normal activity, after a certain time, it will become boring. You have to perceive sex as a game and use props (sex toys) to make the game more thrilling. Add stipulations about using the props so that the enjoyment of the game reaches newer heights.

More Orgasms

Very few women would say that they are satisfied and had orgasms during intercourse. Sometimes, only intercourse is not enough to satisfy a woman. Using sex toys will balance the satisfaction level for both the partners because both will have enough orgasms.

Men Can Release Their Pressure

A man feels pressurised to give orgasms to a woman. For that, men sometimes may not enjoy the intercourse as much as they would want to because of the pressure. By using sex toys, men can forget such pressure as women will take care of their orgasm with sex toys.

Better Intimacy

You and your partner will not have better intimacy if your sex life is not satisfactory. Sex toys will improve your sex life significantly. Therefore, you and your partner will have better intimacy than what you had ever before.

Improves Communication

One of the pivotal points of a happy relationship is good communication. If you and your partner are not on the same page, then the relationship will struggle. However, when you and your partner use sex toys together and communicate desires and satisfaction with each other, you are bound to improve your communication and enjoy a happy relationship.

Final Thoughts

It is quite fair to say that sex toys create a positive impact on your relationship. So, before you introduce it to your partner, make sure that you two are on the same page. That is why you have to communicate with your partner well. Better communication will ensure a smooth introduction of sex toys in your life. Moreover, you have to maintain safety while using sex toys. In this way, you and your partner will enjoy happy and satisfactory sex life and a fulfilling relationship.

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