A Day as a Domina

A Day as a Domina

So, being a domina and a family woman was not an easy thing for her. But, she always wanted to have her own family. Also, she loved her job as a domina because Bdsm was something that really made her feel alive. 

Though her life was hectic, she loved it. Bdsm was the only thing that helped her to get rid of the trauma she faced with her last relationship. She was deeply in love with Jacob. However, when she found Jacob was a dick and was cheating with her best friend Sophia, she was really pissed. 

Isabella loved watching Bdsm. She always had a kink to be a domina. When she got cheated by Jacob, the only thing she desired was to be in the role of a domina and have Jacob in the dungeon with her where she would go full-throttle with Bdsm on Jacob. 

But, that never happened and Isabella’s rage for Jacob made her a domina. She was a sweet girl with an introvert personality. However, that betrayal of Jacob changed her life forever as she became one of the most popular domina in her city. 

Her first day as a domina was something she still can’t forget. It was a life-changing experience for Isabella. So, whenever she still thinks about it till date, she gets butterflies in her stomach. 

Meeting with Nancy

After Isabella broke up with Jacob, she was looking for ways to get over this disappointment. She spent a whole week contemplating was her wrong in the relationship. Then she started to watch some random videos on the internet. 

There was one video that made her feel happy. It was a Bdsm video. In that video, a domina was playing with her fuck toy. After seeing a man getting dominated by a woman in that Bdsm video, for the first time in a week, Isabella was feeling happy. She knew what she had to do to get over her emotional pain. So, she searched for a domina and wanted to learn Bdsm from her. 

She never liked to get dominated in Bdsm and she wanted specifically to be a domina. Finally, Isabella found Nancy who was a domina. Isabella called Nancy on the number given on the website. When Nancy picked up the phone, Isabella told her everything regarding why she wanted to get trained as a domina. Isabella said, “I want to inflict pain especially to men.” Nancy said, “Oh! You will surely have plenty of scopes for that.”

Nancy asked Isabella to come to her Bdsm dungeon and take look at the whole set of how things worked. Isabella was thrilled and excited to have that invitation from such a popular domina.  

Meeting at Park

The next day she got ready early in the morning. Nancy and Isabella decided to meet at the Southford Falls Park which is 30 minutes’ drive from Isabella’s house. The park usually opens at 8 in the morning. So, she went inside and found Nancy who came forward and greeted her. 

Both the ladies were chatting in a friendly way. Isabella expressed all her feelings with Nancy who told her, “Men are mostly jerks. I am saying this from my own experience darling. However, when you will beat the hell out of those men in the dungeon, you will feel better than ever.”

“I am dying to experience something like this!” Isabella explained. Nancy said, “Tomorrow, I am gonna have an appointment at my dungeon. My client wants it to be absolutely secret between him and me. But, he will have his blindfold on which is his type of fetish that he wants to try. So, I am gonna take you for a trip to the dungeon now. But I want you to be there when I am doing my Bdsm acts with my client tomorrow. However, there is one condition, you cannot speak or create any noise. My client will not know that you are there. You will go away before I open his blindfold. I don’t want any sound in the dungeon that will make him aware that there is a third person. Is that understood?” Isabella replied, “Yes, Nancy!” But Nancy interrupted and said, “From now, say yes mistress.”

Paying a Visit to the Dungeon

After the encounter at the park, Isabella went to the dungeon with Nancy. When she entered the room, she was really flummoxed to see how neat and clean the place was. She did not expect that. She thought that the place would be like scattered and nasty. 

Nancy introduced her to various types of Bdsm equipment such as bondage chains, collar, mask, and so many other things. Isabella had no idea what was the use of all these types of Bdsm equipment. The way she was looking at them, Nancy knew what was going on in Isabella’s head. 

So, Nancy said, “If you want to be a domina and organize Bdsm, then you have to use them. Come tomorrow, I will teach you how to be a domina and how you can organize Bdsm.” Isabella replied by saying, “Yes, Mistress.” And after that, they both winked. Both Isabella and Nancy felt a connection between them that made them felt life best buddies. 

Experiencing a Day as a Domina

It was 5’o clock in the morning. Isabella couldn’t sleep overnight. She was so excited and wanted to be there on time when the session will begin. The time of the session was the 4’o clock in the afternoon. Each and every hour seemed like a year for Isabella. 

Finally, at 4’o clock, she reached the dungeon. What she saw after entering the place made her tremble. She was just standing in front of the door. She saw a man naked kneeling in front of Nancy. His hands were tied behind his back. He was wearing a mask through which he could not see anything. 

Nancy was hitting that man with a whip and the man was taking every hit and saying, “Thank you, mistress!” After that, she chained the man up and made him stand in a platform which made him look like an X. Then Nancy started to hit the man with the whip to his sensitive spots. Nancy was yelling and ordering the man as she owned him.

The man was in agony but was enjoying the pain. She learnt from Nancy that Bdsm was all about giving her clients pleasure in pain. Nancy also whipped the man in his balls and butt which was a part of their Bdsm agreement. His white body had become red with the lashes from the whip and that is what Bdsm could do to someone.

When the Bdsm session was about to come to an end, the domina of the session, Nancy told Isabella to go because she would now open the blindfold of her client. Isabella went back to her house but the experience she gathered today by sneaking into the life of a domina was priceless and she now knew what Bdsm was all about. 

The Desire of Isabella

When Isabella came back from the Bdsm session, she was having a desire which she wanted to fulfil. So, she called the domina she knew, Nancy. When Nancy picked the call up, Isabella said, “How was your client after all those beatings?” Nancy replied, “Yeah, he was all right. I loved it. He said he would do it again and the funniest part is, he never knew that you were there.” They both laughed at that. Isabella said, “Nancy, I want to have Bdsm as well. I want to play the role of a domina and dominate a man. I want to begin my life as a domina and start doing Bdsm.”

Nancy said, “Look, girl, Bdsm is not easy. You have to act very carefully if you want to become a domina. So, do you have anyone in mind with whom you want your first Bdsm session because it seems like you want revenge?” Isabella replied, “Yes, I know with whom I want to start my Bdsm journey. I want to beat that man. However, I will make sure he feels pleasure in pain. But I want to see him kneel in front of me like a slave; I want him as my slave Nancy!”

Nancy said, “Okay girl, if that is what you want, then we will do it. We will bring that bastard in the dungeon and you will play with him as your fuck toy. Now, get some sleep and meet me tomorrow because someone’s gonna get spanked in the hand of a new domina within some days.”

After the assurance from Nancy, Isabella went to sleep. She knew a new Isabella was about to born. Isabella was about to begin her life as a domina and her first Bdsm client will be Jacob Anderson!

What the F♥ck is Bondage?

What the Fck is Bondage?

You must have heard the term ‘bondage’ once or twice in your life. However, when you include bondage in the sexual paradigm, you will be interested to know what it actually becomes. Basically, the term bondage is special to those who have tried it before.

Now, let’s get one thing straight, bondage does not have to involve sexual intercourse all the time. You can use it as a separate practice to give pleasure to your partner or have pleasure from your partner. The concept of bondage sex is not anything that is invented in the 21st century.

You may have read it or seen it in “Fifty Shades of Grey” which enlightened you about bondage but, the history goes a long way back. The act of bondage was also portrayed in the legendary artwork of “Andromeda Chained to the Rocks” by Rembrandt in 1630.

So, bondage is not a new thing for sure. However, you can argue that bondage became more of a mainstream thing after the success of E.L. James’s “Fifty Shades” series. Now, couples are more interested in bondage than ever before.

Now, the question arrives for a newbie is what bondage exactly is? Why it is so exciting for the couples? So, in this article, let’s dig deep and clear all your doubts about bondage.

Understanding Bondage

Bondage is all about tying your partner up with his or her consent for erotic pleasure. You will be surprised to know that the B in BDSM actually stands for Bondage. Now, introducing bondage can be a difficult task because there are many myths surrounding this kinky act of sexual pleasure.

Some Myths Related to Bondage

So, before introducing bondage to your normal sex life, you have to clear your head up from these myths because they will prevent you from having the pleasure that bondage can provide. Therefore, here are some common myths that are prevalent in society about bondage.

#1 Bondage is not a Normal Act

You will find many couples around you who are less inclined to experiment with their regular sex life. For them, the normal vanilla life they are leading is perfect and this ‘bondage’ thing is for crazy people. So, when a couple has a fetish with bondage, they also feel that it is something weird and abnormal. But, in reality, it is completely normal to be sexually more adventurous and explore various other facets of your sexuality. So, if you or your partner is feeling like including bondage in your sex life, then it is absolutely normal.

#2 Bondage Should Hurt

There is a prevalent misconception that bondage has to hurt. The one who is tied up will get hurt by the other partner. Well, this is not true unless you are turned onto such kinds of things. With bondage, your partner should never feel like getting abused. The two pillars of successful bondage act are honesty and trust. So, you have to sit down with your partner and discuss everything that you would want to try during bondage. You would also discuss boundaries and limitations to have a clear mind and expectation from your bondage session.

#3 The Partner Should Always Stay Immobile

The term bondage may ring alarm bells in your mind that you or your partner would have to stay immobile throughout the session. But, it doesn’t always have to be like this. There are couples who allow the partners to move during a simple blindfold. Also, you can simply use a ball gag to prevent your partner from speaking. You can explore the pleasure of bondage by using simple things. Remember, bondage is used as an act of pleasure, not abuse.

Some Truths about Bondage

As you already have a fair share of the idea of what the myths are regarding bondage, here are some truths that will make you very much clear about the concept of bondage.

#1 Acts Can Be Customised

You have to understand that bondage is not an act that will suit everyone in a similar way. You have to customise it according to you and your partner’s wishes. Both of you have to be very flexible because an act that has worked before may not work the next time. So, there is no point in working on it. You have the liberty of exploring so many types of pleasures. The level of bondage can be;

  • Light-hearted
  • Fun-filled
  • Loving
  • Strict
  • Disciplined
  • Sadistic
  • Kinky
  • Serious

So, couples can choose what they want to explore in a way that will stay within the limits of pleasure.

#2 Safety is Primary

When you are trying out bondage, you just cannot err onto the precautionary measures. You have to be very careful about it and that is the primary thing in bondage. Basically, you will be tying up your partner at a certain position by using a certain thing. So, your partner will have no option of getting out of that restraint. So, you have to make sure that you can get your partner out of that restraint in case things don’t go the way you wanted it to go. Thus, keeping bondage scissors with safety edges is a good precautionary measure to prevent any emergency situation. You would hate to leave your partner who is bounded unattended when he or she is in discomfort.

#3 Consent is a Must

Exploring bondage could quickly become a nightmare if you force any idea onto your partner without her consent. If the partner is not willing to do a certain act, then you have no right to force your partner to do that. The secret of a successful bondage session lies in the consent of the partners. Also, partners have to stay within the limitations. Going beyond the limitations will make the bondage act less pleasure and more pain. So, before starting bondage, make sure to have time to take consent of the partners and set limitations for a pleasurable experience.

Initiating Bondage: Tips for Newbies

Now, the question is how will you initiate and include bondage in your regular sex life? If you are new and want to introduce bondage to your sex life, then here are some tips that you should follow.

Communication Holds the Key

You and your partner will have to communicate with each other properly. You should not introduce bondage to your partner as a surprise because that can really turn your partner off. Before making the first move, sit down with your partner and discuss with her about various facets of bondage, positions, and things you would want to try. Also, find out whether your partner has any fetish about bondage. Once both partners give consent, set the limitations and don’t ever cross that boundary.

Checking on the Partner’s Condition

While tying up your partner, you will have an adrenaline rush. So, you can tie up your partner too strongly. This can create numbness or tingling sensations or even hurt your partner at that place. It is something that you have to take care of. Now, this does not mean asking your partner whether everything is all right in every minute. But, you can check the condition of your partner from time to time to adjust the pressure to ensure proper blood circulation. So, it is important to check on your partner periodically.

Never Ever Look to Enact Porn Scenes

Many of you might have felt the kink of bondage after watching a porn scene. Now, these scenes are performed under the supervision of experts. Therefore, if you try to emulate them in your bedroom, then things could go out of your control quite easily. So, never try to recreate these extreme porn scenes in your bedroom. If you really have the urge of doing it, you should first take the help of an expert instructor of bondage sex. With proper guidance, you will execute the act safely.

Some Bondage Positions to Try

If you are wondering how you should start your journey of exploring sexual pleasure with bondage, then here are some positions you can try;

  • Chicken Wing Tie: In this position, your partner will kneel on the surface (Make sure it is soft) and you will tie your partner’s hands behind the back.
  • Bottom’s Up: In this position, your partner will slide the hands in between the knees and reach for the ankles. Now, you will have to tie the hands with ankles.
  • On Your Knees: In this position, you just have to ask your partner to get into the doggy style position. After that, just tie your partner‘s limbs up. It will be a great position for oral sex or intercourse.

Final Thoughts

Finally, now you have a clear idea of what bondage is and how you can try it. You also have a clear idea of what is the truth and what is a myth about bondage. Therefore, as you are trying to introduce bondage into your sex life, go slowly. Before taking bondage to the next level, be sure to take advice from an experienced instructor. Remember, bondage is all about pleasure, not pain and discomfort.

What Does BDSM Stand For?

What Does BDSM Stand For?

The regular and usual vanilla sex practices can get boring after a certain time. This monotonousness in your sex life could create a negative impact on your relationship with your partner. Your body will crave for something more. You will have some hidden desires and fetishes regarding sexual pleasures you want to fulfil. However, many are scared to express that to their partners.

One of the reasons for that is BDSM is a highly misunderstood sexual practice in our usual societal paradigm. You might have seen BDSM in various movies but have you ever tried it? Well, for those who have tried it, can tell you how wonderful their experience was and once you try it, you will fall in love with it. There are many ways in you start incorporating BDSM acts in your sexual play.

Now, are you wondering what the hell is BDSM? What do these four letters stand for? Well, if you only see the definition of BDSM, you will not understand the entire paradigm of this world of unknown sexual pleasure. You have to understand it deeply. Also, before you go onto start BDSM with your partner, you need to have a clear idea of what exactly BDSM is.

Remember, being aware of what will happen is the best way of handling any unforeseen or unwanted consequences that might happen while practising BDSM. So, in this article, let’s dig deep and find out about what exactly is BDSM.

Understanding BDSM

BDSM is primarily sexual expressions divided into groups. These groups are; Bondage and Discipline (B&D), Domination and Submissive (D&S), Sadism and Masochism (S&M). BDSM is a kink and it does not have to involve sexual intercourse always. There are certain acts in BDSM which is more stimulating and pleasurable than intercourse. So, now let’s see what these three groups of BDSM, B&D, D&S, and S&M mean;

Bondage and Discipline (B&D)

With bondage, you are allowing someone else to restraint you for the sexual play. It is more about finding pleasure for the one who is in bondage. Various props like ropes, blindfold, handcuffs, and many other restraints can be used in bondage.

Now, the discipline is all about making the submissive obedient to follow orders, rules, and play the types of sexual acts that the dominant wants. Discipline is the link in the relationship between a submissive partner and a dominant one.

Domination and Submissive (D&S)

As you can already guess by the word domination, there will be a person who will dominate in the act and the other person will submit to that domination. However, in BDSM, it happens in a more consensual way. The dominant dominates the submissive after the consent of the submissive.

So, this domination happens in physical, emotional, or in a more dynamic paradigm. The roles of dominant and submissive could take place outside the couple’s bedroom as well if they wish to do so. However, some prefer to play the role in a more erotic environment only.

Sadism and Masochism (S&M)

You may have heard the term ‘pleasure in pain.’ You might have got confused that pleasure and pain are two completely opposite terms. However, with BDSM, you will know what it is like to have pleasure in pain. Sadism and Masochism or S&M is one category of BDSM which can provide you with that.

In S&M, one partner plays the role of ‘sadist’ and the other plays the role of ‘masochist’. Now, the sadist will inflict the pain and the masochist will take that pain. Before, performing S&M, you and your partner should take time to discuss the boundaries openly. Remember, the key to finding pleasure in pain is good communication. If you can have it, then you will surely feel the pleasure even in great pain.

You need to understand that you don’t have to experience all these categories. During a BDSM act, you will realize your actual character trait. You will realize whether you are dominant or submissive. Also, you might find out whether you like to have pain or inflict it (S&M). Moreover, you will know whether you love to be tied up in bondage or get whipped around for discipline. Through BDSM, you will come to realize your own identity with much clarity. That is why BDSM is more than just sexual exploration.

Communication is the Key

Before you make your mind to have BDSM sex with your partner, you have to understand that communication is the key. If you and your partner don’t sit down together and have an open conversation regarding BDSM and your fetishes, then the situation could get out of your hands quite quickly. Basically, you need to know about the boundaries of your partner.

While discussing the boundaries, you will have to keep eye contact with your partner because you would want to portray that you are transparent with what you are saying. If you have any kind of fetish that you want to have during the session, convey that to your partner and see whether your partner is okay with it or not. If you get excited by handcuffs or being whipped, then tell that to your partner.

You and your partner will have to understand that proper negotiation and consent will the key to finding true pleasure in pain because of you and your partner will be comfortable through the entire BDSM processes.

An Awkward Moment 3: Melinda’s Nightmare

After that night in Rob’s apartment when Melinda was fucked like a true bitch, she was surprised that her relationship with Rob was never the same again. They became closer to each other something that she wished all the time. Rob, on the other hand, never complained that she was working with an Escort Agency. Basically, she was free to work as an escort and give sexual pleasure to her clients. But, Rob should always be the first priority and that was the condition for Melinda, the top escort Zurich.

It was hard to find an Escort Agency 

That did not want to work with Melinda. After all, she was the top escort. Mike, David, Shawn, and Luis, the four guys who fucked Melinda in Rob’s apartment were very much influential people. They spread the word of Melinda’s slutty excellence that drove more clients towards her and made her the most sought-after escort Zurich.

Now, there was not only one Escort Agencythat was queuing up for Melinda. but there were also many other agencies wanted to have the best escort Zurichto work with them. Melinda was enjoying this popularity of being a top escort. She never thought that her performance on that night would yield such amazing results. She thought that now it was her time to shine. 

Melinda was getting ready for her appointment with Luis who had become a regular client for her.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She was not inclined to pick it up because she thought it would be from the Escort Agencyand she already had an appointment from Luis. She liked Luis’ cock. However, when she looked at the screen, it was Rob. “Fucking Luis tonight you bitch?” Rob asked. Melinda did not know what to say. She replied, “You got me all into this Rob. He is one of my clients now. I get paid for fucking him.” Rob said, “Yeah! I know you are a slutty escort.

But I want you in my bed tonight. Come to my apartment right away.” Melinda was irritated by Rob’s demand. She said, “I can’t come to you like that. I already have an appointment set tonight.” Rob was pissed by hearing Melinda’s irritated voice. He said, “I know you are the top escort Zurichbut remember, I made you what you are. I turned you from a fucking whore to a slut that anEscort Agencywould die to have. Without me, you wouldn’t have even half the successes you are having right now as an escort, keep that in mind.”

Melinda was so pissed that she hung up the call and went on to prepare herself for the appointment. She told herself, “What the fuck Rob thinks he is. I will fuck whoever I want. I am the best escort Zurichand now, I am going to behave like a true escortlady, not the slave escortof Rob.” She wanted to look sexy tonight and fuck Luis like a true bitch so that she could forget Rob’s insult. She wore a caged bra and a G-String inside and a blue denim top and shorts. Her red lipstick and makeup made her look like delicious meatball that any men would want to rupture. 

She got into the car she bought a week ago and drove to the place given by Luis for their appointment. When she reached there, she saw 5 other cars placed in front of the farmhouse. She knew what was coming. She would be gangbanged again tonight. But, she was getting paid a huge amount of money so she wasn’t unhappy with what she saw. She thought perhaps she needed it to get over the insult, a treatment like a true bitch. She called Luis who came out of the house to greet her and took her inside the room. He said, “Babe, you are looking hot.

Satisfy these four men apart from me. I told them you are the top escortfrom your escort agency.” Melinda interrupted by saying, “Am I not the top escort Zurich, Luis?” He said, “Yes I know! That is why I have all the expectation from you.” Melinda winked and Luis smiled. 

They went inside and Luis introduced her to Damien, Wayne, Simon, and Gareth. They were the bosses of Luis. He wanted to get a promotion so he wanted to give his bosses something that would streamline his promotion. Damien said, “Luis, you are right, this fucking bitch is hot!” to which everyone in the room nodded. Melinda said, “I know that I am the best escort Zurich. I can guarantee you that you will not find a hotter and sexier escortthan me. After all, I am associated with the best escort agency!”

Simon got annoyed and said, “Look, Damien, this bitch is arrogant and cocky. Let’s teach this slut a lesson.” By saying that, Simon got a hold of her long hair and slapped her face hard. He smeared her red lipstick all over her pretty face. “Now that’s how you look pretty, slut.” Then he rubbed Melinda’s face on his crotch and took his cock out to fuck her mouth. All the other boys including Luis took their cock out to fuck Melinda’s face. They laid her on the centre table and fucked her face. While fucking her mouth, they tore her clothes to make her naked. 

Wayne said, “Look, this bitch was wearing a caged bra. Slut, the only thing that can turn us on really is the sound of the scream you will make when we fuck you and make you the real whore. Your escort agencywill get a new whore after tonight.” Melinda was not paying attention to what they were saying. She was busy slurping the juice from their cock. She wanted to show them why she was the top escort Zurich

Luis came down as Melinda was laying on the centre table to suck her pink pussy. Damien signalled Luis to get up as he wanted to suck it. He did not suck Melinda’s pussy. Instead, he slapped it and tried to get his fist inside her pussy. It was tight. He put all his pressure but his fist was too big for her pussy. Melinda was screaming to stop them from doing that. Wayne said, “Look, bitch, you are turning us on now.” Damien told Gareth to bring the oil. He applied it on Melinda’s pussy and his fist and tried one more time with full force and this time, it went in.

Melinda’s eyes were about to pop-up. 

Melinda was in excruciating pain. But, she was the best escort Zurich. So, she continued. After fisting, they fucked her in the ass, pussy, and mouth in one go. They also gave her triple penetration with two cocks in her pussy and ass simultaneously. They stretched her cunt like no one ever did. At the end, when everyone came to her face, breast, body, and mouth, and she swallowed their load, she laid down on the floor like trash. She couldn’t move at all. She was in pain.

Luis assisted her and got her cleaned and drove her to her apartment. Luis said, “I know it wasn’t what you expected, but hopefully you liked it.” Melinda did not say anything. She just took the cash and her car’s keys from Luis and went inside the apartment. Yes, She was truly devastated. She called her escort agencynot to book any appointments for the next two days. She thought she would go and see Rob. 

Suddenly, she received a notification on her mobile. She picked up and it was a video that Rob sent her. Yes, She lay down on the bed and opened the video. She was shocked at what she saw. It was truly a nightmare for Melinda. In the video, Rob said looking straight into the camera, “Hey bitch! I wanted to have you tonight. But, you are busy fucking Luis and his bosses. You have become a bona fide whore Mel. So, I called your escort agencyto book another escort. I am gonna fuck her now and you will watch my dick stretching her pussy.” 

Tears came out of Melinda’s eyes.

She was a bit surprised to witness tears in her eyes. She watched the whole video and broke down in tears when Rob said after loading that girl’s mouth with his cum. “From now onwards, you are my personal bitch. Whenever I ask you to come here for a fuck, you have to come. I own you now.” Melinda remembered the same words Rob told her a few months back. 

In the last few seconds of the video, Rob came close to the camera and showed his middle finger directed to Melinda and said, “The best escort Zurich, fuck off from my life.” Melinda could not believe what she saw. Her mind became totally blank as she slowly lost her sense knowing, she had lost the most precious person of her life. 

An Awkward Moment 2: A Surprise for Melinda

Melinda was living in a dreamland since her last meeting with Rob. She just cannot believe the way Rob whispered in her ears, “From now onwards, you are my personal bitch.” She also remembered Rob saying, “No other woman satisfied me like you did, Melinda.” These words from Rob reverberated in her ears.

Rob wanted her to move to Zurich from Berlin and so she did. She was also in touch with the escort agencies for which she worked in the past. The only condition for her now was if Rob wants her, she will cancel the appointments without a second thought. The agencies did not mind it because they knew how good Melinda is in bed and she can satisfy any client.

But for Melinda, now it was all about satisfying one man, Rob, the man who makes her feel like a real woman. She doesn’t know whether she loves Rob or not, but, she definitely knows that she lusts him. She can’t stay away without his dick.

She wants to suck it, take it deep in her mouth, lick his balls, and swallow his cum. She wants Rob.

But, the reality straight away sunk into Melinda, she and Rob did not meet after their last sex which was about a couple of weeks ago.

Since then she had moved to Zurich, rented an apartment and also gave service to a couple of clients who were good but not as good as Rob. She was getting desperate to meet Rob. But, he told her not to call. Rob will call her when he needed to eat her up like he always did.

Another week passes and Rob’s call never came. Melinda was becoming frustrated now. She picked up her phone and thought, “Enough is enough, and I want to know what is he up to why he is not calling me?” These thoughts were running through her mind and suddenly her phone rang. She was holding it in her hand. She saw the name of the caller, and it was Rob.

“Hi, Bitch! What’s up?” Rob said. Melinda said, “Nothing’s much, what about you?” Rob replied, “Nothing, just missing your pussy, want to drill it tonight, come to my place now!” by saying this Rob hang up the call. The heartbeat of Melinda was increasing now. She was once again going to meet Rob who will fuck her like a true bitch and she loved it. She is truly Rob’s personal bitch and she did not mind it.

So, she got up to get ready. She wore a slutty silver sequin dress that will make any man hard. Her white body combining the sliver color of the dress made her look like a whore. She applied makeup and got ready for a great fuck session.

She got out of her apartment and booked a cab to Rob’s apartment.

She thought that Zurich’s cab services are really fast.

She reached her destination in no time. She pressed the bell of Rob’s apartment and this time, Rob gently opened the door of the apartment and welcomed her gracefully. She was happy to see the gesture from Rob.

When she entered the apartment, she saw Rob along with four other guys. She was a bit surprised because she thought Rob would pounce on her like he did the last time. But, this time, he was sitting with four other men. Rob introduced her to the other four men. They were all wearing suits and by the first look, Melinda thought that they were all corporate professionals.

Suddenly a kinky thought emerged in her mind. „What if I take all these men in me tonight?“ Just the mere thought of it made her wet. Rob excused them and took Melinda to his bedroom. Melinda thought, „Will he fuck me now? There are men outside as well.“ Rob entered the bedroom scanned Melinda’s body carefully and said, „Perfect! You have to take them all tonight. I will not fuck you.“ Melinda said, „What! You haven’t told me that I will be fucking all these men. I thought it would be you only.“ Rob said in an irritated voice, „I will pay you 4-times than your rate, now go and make them satisfied Mel.

If you can do that then I will crack the biggest deal of my career. It will be good for both of us.“ When Rob said ‚us‘, Melinda became emotional. She said, „I will fuck them if you join as well. I will not be charging you. I was here for your cock and I want it anyhow.“ Rob said in a happy voice, „You are really my personal bitch.“ By saying this, he slapped her face hard and kissed her lips. Rob took her tongue in his mouth and suck hard. Then they separated and Rob slapped her face again and said, „Get ready bitch! It will be a rough night for you!“ By hearing this, Melinda became hornier and wanted dicks desperately.

Both Rob and Melinda got out of the room and Rob said, “Gentlemen, here is your bitch, use her the way you guys want.” The eyes of each man in the room lit up by seeing Melinda. One guy came to her and started kissing her. Another guy came and grabbed her ass. She was now sandwiched between the two men. One was kissing him and the other was fondling her ass. She had one glance towards Rob and he saw that he was playing with his dick alone. So, she went over there and took his cock in her mouth. She told everyone to take their cock out she will suck every one of them.

All of them brought their cock in front of Melinda’s face and now she was sucking each of them one by one. While Melinda was sucking the cocks, they started introducing each other to Melinda. Their name was Mike, David, Shawn, and Luis. Melinda was so busy sucking she did not pay any heed to their names. Luis said, “Guys, it’s not fun, let’s rough it up.” By saying this, he took Melinda by the hair and started to fuck her mouth like there is no tomorrow. Similarly, others started to slap her butt, her boobs, and her back. They tore her dress into pieces. After that, Mike laid her down on the floor and started licking her vagina while David was fucking her face and she was holding two cocks in her hand. It was heaven for Melinda, pure heaven.

After licking her pussy, Mike turned to her ass hole. He licked it and in no time he was in and the pain Melinda felt was excruciating. She screamed but David pushed his dick in her throat and said, “You will remember this night for a long time bitch.” After that, Rob inserted his dick to her vagina and now all three men were fucking Melinda’s ass, pussy, and mouth.

Once Mike was done fucking Melinda’s ass, Luis took over and said, “Bitch, I will stretch your ass now.” He started pounding like there is no tomorrow. Melinda was screaming and David now took over the pussy from Rob and Rob inserted his dick in Melinda’s mouth. He said, “Eat your pussy slut.” Rob slapped Melinda’s tits while fucking her mouth. They were fucking her vigorously. All of them took turns and fucked all the holes in her body.

Finally, Mike and David spread their cum in her boobs which she applied it on her body. Luis ejaculated on her face which she massaged it. Finally, Shawn and Rob put their loads in her mouth which she accepted gleefully. She swallowed all the loads and said, “Tasty!”

Then all of the men took pictures with Melinda asked for her contact number. She gave them and they promised to book her escort service because they just loved it. Once everything was done and dusted, everyone went back leaving only Rob and Melinda in the apartment. Rob said, “How was it?” Melinda said, “Extraordinary, loved it!” Rob said. “Go and take a shower, I will prepare our dinner.”

Melinda was happy to see that Rob cared for her. On the dinner table, Rob said, “Mel, I have good news, the deal is done all thanks to you. You were great, I don’t have words to tell you how grateful I am to you.”

Melinda said, “Okay, you don’t have to explain it with words, show me with your actions!” Rob said in a surprised voice, “Do you want to have sex again after so much fucking?” Melinda said, “Yes! I am your fuck doll. I came here to have sex with you only but I did not get it. You had all these men. I craved for your cock only, so now, give it to me.” Rob was happy to hear this, he said, “Okay bitch let’s go, let me give you the fuck of your life.” Both of them went to the bedroom. The sound echoed from that room made everyone in their neighborhood know what was happening inside the room.

true escort stories from Melinda

An Awkward Moment

It was a beautiful day in Berlin. Melinda was very excited to meet her client there. As an escort, Melinda had travelled around the world. But, Berlin had a special place in her heart. It was here when she met Rob, the guy who not only fucked her but also stole her heart. The feeling she had with Rob was something she never experienced in her life. But, she never confessed it to Rob. They always had an unspoken connection. They made out multiple times as they enjoyed each other’s company. But, all those encounters were strictly professional and were booked through escort agencies.

Now, Rob was in Zurich and Melinda was in Berlin to meet her client, John. She pressed the bell of the hotel room which John booked for their session. Melinda was wearing a red-coloured gown that made her look sexier than ever. She left her hair open and her long hair made her appear more alluring. The red lipstick made her lips sumptuous. When John opened the door, his eyes were transfixed on Melinda. It was just the perfect start of the session Melinda thought.

John welcomed her as they both hugged.

The fragrance of Melinda’s body already started to turn John on. But, he resisted any move straight away because they were just getting started. John was very happy in his mind because he felt that Melinda looked like a sex goddess. He had read the testimonials of Melinda’s previous clients and thought they were not wrong. Melinda also thought that John is a gentleman and they will have a good time together.

Suddenly, her phone beeped. She was just about to put it on silent and keep it in the bag. It was a text from Rob. “I want to meet you now.” Her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly felt the urge of seeing Rob and having his hard cock inside her. They last made out six months ago. But, she realized where she was and replied, “I can’t, I am in Berlin now.” Again her phone beeped. It was another text from Rob, “I don’t care where you are. I want you now. Even if you are in Berlin, take the first flight and come to my apartment.”

Melinda thought she never saw Rob in such a desperate state

She wanted to be with him. But, she knew that she can’t because, in front of her, John was waiting for her. She told Rob that she is with a client right now. But, Rob was adamant. He texted her again, “I don’t give a damn where you are or with whoever you are, I want you now. Cancel your appointment, I will pay for it. I will pay the double of your fees to have you right now. Catch the first flight, I am waiting for you.”

She thought it would take around four and a half hours for her to travel from Berlin to Zurich in flight. So, it was around 6 PM in Berlin and if she caught the flight early, she might be in Zurich by midnight. But, how she will manage the situation with John? It was an awkward moment for her. She wanted to be with Rob but did not want to disappoint John either. She thought John looked like a gentleman. But how will he react if she told him that she was feeling unwell and would refund the money and she wasn’t willing to carry on with the session and wanted to go back? Even the gentlest of men would freak out at such a situation.

But, she gathered courage and spoke to John.

She thought let’s see what would happen. To her surprise, John did not react. He looked disappointed but he was okay with it. He told her, “Maybe it is the right thing that has happened. I was here to cheat on my wife because she betrayed me. But, still, I loved her and I was unsure about everything. You can go and you don’t have to return the money because you saved me from doing what I deemed as a crime in a relationship. Thank you, Melinda, thank you so much.” Melinda was stunned to hear that and she left straight away after thanking John and giving him a kiss on the cheek for understanding the situation.

She stormed out of the hotel room and looked for a cab. She had to wait for 15 minutes before she found a cab that will take her to the airport. She was getting desperate. She wanted to be there with Rob in no time. After reaching the airport, she found that the next flight was just 5mins away. She took her boarding pass and got onto the flight. Her heart was beating so fast that she was sweating profoundly. The flight attendant came to check her out whether she was okay or not. She told her that she was fine. She thought she had to be fine because, within a few hours, she will be in bed with Rob, the man that controls her like no other man.

When she landed in Zurich, she was hungry.

She was hungry for food and Rob. She wanted Rob to eat her like he used to do in the past. She remembered the slaps Rob hit on her ass while fucking her from behind when they made out for the first time in Berlin. Nobody fucked her that hard and nobody slapped her ass as hard as Rob did on that day. She was getting wet and she could feel that. She didn’t care. She just wanted to be in Rob’s, getting fucked like the old times. She took a cab from the airport to reach the destination where she was expecting to have the best night of her life.

After 5 hours since Rob texted Melinda, she was standing in front of Rob’s apartment. She had a mixed feeling all along the journey. She felt bad for John because his wife cheated on him and he wanted to take revenge by doing the same. However, her heart was pounding with the excitement of seeing Rob. She loved the way Rob dominated her. She put her makeup on once again and rang the bell.

The door was opened and she was dragged inside the apartment.

She knew that she was in for a rough night but she was happy. Nobody fucked her better than Rob. It was as if he had total control over her body and soul. Once she was inside the apartment, Rob tore her gown, bra, and panty and made her naked completely. He pulled her hair and said, “On your knees!” Melinda loved more when Rob ordered her. She obliged. Rob brushed Melinda’s face on his crotch making her choke.

After that, Rob took his cock and put it inside Melinda’s mouth and started fucking her mouth like bonkers. He made her gag badly. But, Melinda loved every second of it. After fucking her mouth, he slapped her face and tits. He sucked and pressed Melinda’s big and natural boobs so hard that she was almost in tears but she was enjoying it. Rob said, “Oh! I missed these tits.” Then he slapped and fucked her tits.

He pulled her once again by her hair and took her to bed. He wasted no time and started fucking her with his hard and long dick. He did not wear any protection. Rob made Melinda cum many times and after fucking her for 20 minutes, he took out his cock and ordered Melinda to open her mouth. He loaded her mouth with his hot cum. She gulped some of it and applied some in her face because she knew Rob liked to see her all over in cum.

After that, Rob told Melinda to take a shower and clean herself up because they will eat together.

Melinda knew now it will be a long and memorable night. After coming out of the shower, Rob ordered Melinda, “Stay naked and don’t wear anything.” Then he grabbed her and took her to the dining table where Rob fed Melinda. It was like Melinda living her dreams. Once the dinner was over, Rob took her to the bedroom and asked her to suck his cock again. She obliged like an obedient sex doll.

Next, Rob lay her on the bed and spread her legs to lick and suck her vagina and asshole. He inserted his two fingers to fuck her. She came profoundly and Rob felt happy. He inserted his dick inside her vagina in the missionary position and came close her ears to whisper, “From now onwards, you are my personal bitch. Whenever I ask you to come here for a fuck, you have to come. I own you now.” Melinda was happy to hear that Rob wanted to continue their sexual adventure which they used to have in the past.

“No other woman satisfied me like you did, Melinda. I missed this and from now we will do this 3 to 4 times a week.” By saying this, Rob started to thrust his dick inside her vagina. Rob came inside her but Melinda did not mind it. Once it was over, Rob lay beside her and she cuddled him. It was the first time Melinda cuddled a man. Perhaps, it was the only silent way she could ever tell Rob how she felt about him.

end of part One: if you want more, write a comment, or send an email

How Sex Toys Create an Impact on Relationships?

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When you had sex with your partner for the first time, it was an amazing feeling. You might have been totally satisfied and had the greatest orgasm of your life. The same feeling happened once again quite a few times after your first time. But, now you don’t feel satisfied at all.

In fact, having sex with your partner has become boring. You don’t enjoy your sex life anymore and thus, getting frustrated with your relationship. The reality is, it is not only you but millions of couples around the globe also face the same problem. They want to spice up their sex life and get the same ecstasy they used to achieve initially in their sex life.

Including Sex Toys in Your Sexual Adventure with Your Partner

Have you ever thought about including sex toys while you two are in action? Yes, you can raise your eyebrows but the fact of the matter is using sex toys is no more a taboo. But, you have to introduce your partner to this idea of using sex toys smartly to prevent any problem from arising.

Most men and women have their secret collection of sex toys which they don’t want to reveal because of the fear of how their partners would react to it. You should know that it is absolutely normal to talk about sex toys between couples. It is not underestimating the sexual capacity of the partners but it is enhancing the sexual experience for both. Here is how you should introduce your partner to sex toys.

Don’t Give Your Partner a Surprise by Telling about Using Sex Toys

Yes, giving surprises to your partner can be a very exciting thing, especially, the perplexed expression he or she might have after the surprise is revealed. However, the last thing you would want to is to reveal the idea of using sex toys in your relationship without any pretext. The aftermath of such a surprise can be unsavory. That is why you should talk to your partner about the fantasy you have about using the sex toy. No matter what, make sure that your partner knows about it before you introduce the sex toy to your partner. It will ensure a smooth entry of the sex toys in your relationship.

Don’t Stop Communication Going while Using Sex Toys

The main purpose of using sex toys is to improve your sex life. It can make the foreplay more sexually stimulating and give you the thrill and intensity that were missing in your sex life. Now, to use sex toys during your foreplay effectively, you need to communicate with your partner at every stage. You need to share the feeling you are having as your partner uses the sex toys on you. Knowing that you are reaching the height of ecstasy will excite your partner to use the sex toys more.


Both Partners Should Use Sex Toys on Each Other

Introducing sex toys during the foreplay is not all about you having the pleasure only. Your partner should also have the same pleasure as you are having. That is why it is important that you also look after your partner’s needs. Both partners should use sex toys on each other so that both find the pleasure from their sexual adventure. It will create the foundation for a long-lasting and happy sex life.

Shop for Sex Toys Together

When you and your partner have decided to use sex toys during the foreplay, both of you should go out to shop for sex toys together. Every man or woman has sexual preferences that are hidden from their partner. If you can find that hidden sexual fantasy of your partner, then you might be able to give him or her, the pleasure of a lifetime. Shopping sex toys together will enhance the experience of using it on each other.

Use Sex Toys with Safety

You need to be careful about using sex toys with your partner. If you or your partner has an STI, then, by sharing sex toys, you can also share the problem as well. Therefore, you have to very careful while swapping sex toys. Moreover, some sex toys are made with bad-quality material. Using them can result in the irritation on your skin. Also, the pores in the sex toys will be home to bacteria that will cause harm to you and your partner.

So, to avoid this cross-contamination, you can use condoms. It is a great option because it will also add a spark to your sexual discourse. Furthermore, the kinky person that you have inside will feel satisfied by using condoms. You will also not have to sterilize sex toys every time after using it.

Can Using Sex Toys Damage Your Relationship?

Using sex toys will not going to destroy your relationship. Moreover, it will enhance the relationship you have with your partner. Sexual satisfaction plays a big role in a happy and healthy relationship. Also, the myth that vibrators will replace your partner is totally wrong. If you and your partner communicate well with each other, then you two can eliminate such myths by staying on the same page.

So, one thing is clear, sex toys will not damage your relationship. Instead, it will enhance your relationship to make it happy, healthy, and satisfactory. A recent study showed that most of the couples using sex toys are happier than the ones not using it. Therefore, using it is the way to go but what are its benefits? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys with Your Partner

More Enjoyment

When the act of sex becomes a regular and normal activity, after a certain time, it will become boring. You have to perceive sex as a game and use props (sex toys) to make the game more thrilling. Add stipulations about using the props so that the enjoyment of the game reaches newer heights.

More Orgasms

Very few women would say that they are satisfied and had orgasms during intercourse. Sometimes, only intercourse is not enough to satisfy a woman. Using sex toys will balance the satisfaction level for both the partners because both will have enough orgasms.

Men Can Release Their Pressure

A man feels pressurised to give orgasms to a woman. For that, men sometimes may not enjoy the intercourse as much as they would want to because of the pressure. By using sex toys, men can forget such pressure as women will take care of their orgasm with sex toys.

Better Intimacy

You and your partner will not have better intimacy if your sex life is not satisfactory. Sex toys will improve your sex life significantly. Therefore, you and your partner will have better intimacy than what you had ever before.

Improves Communication

One of the pivotal points of a happy relationship is good communication. If you and your partner are not on the same page, then the relationship will struggle. However, when you and your partner use sex toys together and communicate desires and satisfaction with each other, you are bound to improve your communication and enjoy a happy relationship.

Final Thoughts

It is quite fair to say that sex toys create a positive impact on your relationship. So, before you introduce it to your partner, make sure that you two are on the same page. That is why you have to communicate with your partner well. Better communication will ensure a smooth introduction of sex toys in your life. Moreover, you have to maintain safety while using sex toys. In this way, you and your partner will enjoy happy and satisfactory sex life and a fulfilling relationship.

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