A Guide on G-spot to Rock Her Hard with Extraordinary Sex

The quest for the G-spot is inevitable when it comes to the key to having some incredible sex. But not all have succeeded in unleashing the magic behind it and that is why here we have everything. And anything you need to know about the mysterious G-spot. 

The quest for the G-spot is inevitable ,sex in Zurich,

G-spot was first identified by the German Researcher.

Ernst Gräfenberg in the 1940s, and was named after him. In 2012, a conclusion was being drawn after scientific research that. No proper anatomical proof has been found about the presence of a G-spot in every woman. However, on the basis of some anecdotal evidence. It can be stated that there is a specific area inside the vagina for sure which. If stimulated well, will help reach women to gain maximum orgasm and of course resulting to some great sex. 

Well, seven years down the line have passed by now and researchers must have pulled out many more interesting facts. On human sexual anatomy and sex. What they have understood is; G-spot is not actually a spot and is more like the extension of the clitoris.

It is not that it seems and is quite larger than the rosebud-shaped protrusion present at the peak of the labia of a woman. It is around 5 inches deep inside the body and thus, is not actually considered to be existing individually. What researchers concluded it to be is as an entity that is deeply interconnected. With the female body’s other sexual parts. 

The delicate anatomical relationship

The delicate anatomical relationship and interaction between the main parts of woman’s sexual anatomy including urethral sponge. Clitoris and anterior vaginal wall have brought us the concept of Clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex. In 2014, an article was published in Nature Reviews revealing the fact that; if the CUV is stimulated properly, it can induce orgasmic responses while having sex.

The G-spot does exist but…

So, what we can sum up by these facts is; the G-spot does exist but not as a mysterious, separate sexual entity. Alike any other sexual part in female anatomy, it is an erogenous area intertwined to the clitoris which. If stimulated properly from inside the vagina can help some women to achieve an orgasm. 

On the contrary, many women are still not convinced of having a G-spot, when it comes to their sexual arousal. While being asked to 1800 women by the British researchers, only 56% said yes, they have a G-spot. Well, this certainly does not seem that much encouraging. Isn’t it boys? Still, if your woman wants to have a G-spot induced orgasm. Make sure that you know the right way to find it. Here is something that can help you out suggested by Emily Morse in her podcast “Sex with Emily”. 

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Warm-up and let the game begin

Needless to say, that hygiene is important while having sex and so. Make sure that your fingernails and well-trimmed and hands are clean. As said by Morse. These things should be checked because you are going to put them in an extremely sensitive area. Of your woman’s genital and it might cause her an infection, if done unhygienically. Because of its tucked-away position, Emily says, “fingers are usually most effective at finding and stimulating the G-spot”.

Experts say good foreplay sets the right mood for good sex. So, try to keep your focus on caressing and kissing your woman’s lips. Breasts, butt along with other hot non-genital spots for some time before you get into the main action of sex. Morse added, “The G-spot is composed of tissue that swells when it becomes aroused. If she’s already turned on, it will be much easier for you to find it and go about pleasing her.”

You and your partner might get moist from the very foreplay during sex but with few drops of a lubricant. You can bring more comfort and satisfaction for her, as recommended by Morse. 

Finding the mysterious G-spot

Though the controversy is still very much on the existence of a G-spot on a female’s sexual anatomy. Morse says, “It’s about 2 inches inside of the vagina, on the top side of the vaginal wall”.

Ask your partner to lie on her back while you insert a finger on her vagina. With your palm pointing the ceiling during sex. The spot which you will touch is mainly the “top-side” of her vagina. Try to penetrate the spot in a come-hither motion by curling your finger. Much like you want to give her belly button a stroke from the very inside. In case you find it to be a bit troublesome. Tell her to have her knees drawn towards her chest which will help your finger to get better access. Leading to greater sexual penetration, suggested by Morse. 

Stimulating the G-spot

So, finding out the G-spot is certainly not enough if you are not so sure of how to stimulate it. Isn’t it! Think of the way you forcefully you insert your penis into her vagina all at once during sex. Well, you should try to do the same with your finger while having sex however. In this case, much more softly and slowly. Morse warns saying, “Do not thrust vigorously. Your partner is not a change purse and you are not searching for quarters.”

Once your partner finds it comfortable to have your finger inside her during sex. Try that curling motion again to massage her vagina’s top side softly with your finger’s pad. If you find a textured or ribbed area, then pat your back man. Because you are about to hit the G-spot right and give your woman intense sexual satisfaction. Morse says, “You’ll know you found it because it will feel like a bean-shaped bump and maybe more textured than the surrounding tissue.”

Try stroking her G-spot in a rhythmic motion while applying different levels of speed and pressure. Till the time you found out the one that she enjoys the most during sex. Morse adds, “If she isn’t giving you feedback, don’t pick up the pace or increase the pressure. Ask her how it feels, and adjust your moves accordingly. Doing this will kick her sexual drives to the extreme, leading her to gain maximum satisfaction.

She stresses further saying there might be a chance that she does not enjoy the feel. Especially if she faced problems while finding the spot on her own. If that is the case, you must discontinue doing it during sex and look for some other time. It might take you a couple of attempts but, if she still does not enjoy. Then you need to accept that G-spot is not her thing in sex. Not to worry, as it is proven that you can still have a good amount of great sex. Without a G-spot induced orgasm.

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Gearing up for the next level

Now that you have mastered the art of finding and stimulating your woman’s G-spot right while having sex. Morse suggests you press her belly gently. Mainly the top line area just above her pubic hair with your free hand. A subtle pressure from the outside can work wonders for her during sex to stimulate her G-spot better. While satisfying her sexual desires to the maximum.

Now that you have set her on flame by now. A rear-entry position like doggy style sex to stimulate her further. Morse says, “Make sure she’s on all fours with her back arched slightly. As opposed to lying with her head on the bed. Try lifting her hips and thrusting in a downward. Motion so your penis can more easily rub the front wall of her vagina.” 

Another sexual position you can try out is cowgirl. Ask your partner to lie on her back and you climb on her top to straddle her. By doing this, you will gain full control over the depth. Angle of penetration and rhythm so that you can hit her G-spot hard during sex. Try to move back and forth instead of up-down to invigorate her G-spot area against the inner vaginal wall. You can also try for a mix of both these sex movements. As a little bit experiment with different angles and speeds would not be that bad. 

Now one more position you can try is the closed missionary position. Which is considered as a variant of the classic missionary style sex. Try starting off on the back in missionary style before you move your legs together. Then ask her to straddle your legs with hers which, will give you both a tighter squeeze. This type of shallow sexual penetration might not hit you both hard but. Will drive a tighter feeling, resulting in more friction against the G-spot. And that is how you will help her reach orgasm while having sex. 

Give her what she likes the most

Sex is not always quick and easy, as shown in the movies. Often women are made to believe that sex is something very shameful which. Makes it even harder for them to attain both sexual satisfaction and orgasm. So, help her to have control of her sexual life and enjoy what she likes the most. If you both succeed in finding the G-spot, then it is great. If not, that is also fine as there is no such single rule to attain orgasm. In fact, most women like to go for a combination of different sex moves to reach orgasm. 

Why Pleasing Your Partner is Important

While having sex, most of the men think that only intercourse is the real pleasure for women. But the harsh reality is women find other things also important just like intercourse. Also, they want to be loved by their partner. The love you will show while having sex should reflect that you cherish that girl you are making love with. Otherwise, she will not have the kind of feeling she is looking for. You should know that only stimulating G-spot is not enough if you want to please a woman.

A Long-Lasting Relationship

The relationships you have during your lifetime are the core of the happiness you feel during your life. So, if want to sustain happiness for a longer period of time in your life then having happy relationships is the key. Now, you have to realize that the relationship you share with your partner is probably the most beautiful and satisfying relationship that you can ever experience. 

You should know that having such a satisfying relationship is all about making your partner happy. If she is happy with you, then you are the happiest person in this world. One of the keys to making your partner happy is your sex life. The time you and your partner spend in bed, you should look to make her happy. Even if you don’t find the G-spot or she does not like it. You should do other things that will eventually make her happy and satisfied with you. It will help you and your partner to sustain a long-lasting relationship. After all, this is what matters above everything else. 

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, try exploring your partner’s body deeper to find out the details of her sexual preferences and arousal. Try to find out which non-genital hot area of her body gives her maximum arousal and the movements as well. All these nuances would not only boost up your performance in bed but help you make the way for a safe. Pleasurable, and contented sex life. Always remember that everyone deserves pleasure in bed. It is not only about you or your partner.

It is the cumulative pleasure in bed that will help you to have a fulfilling relationship. You have to make sure that you play your part in delivering your best for your partner. Sometimes, your sincerity matters the most. So, show your sincerity to your partner while having sex. In this way, even if you fail to identify the G-spot of your partner. She will still be happy and satisfied because you are doing other things to help her in achieving pleasure.   

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