An Awkward Moment 3: Melinda’s Nightmare

After that night in Rob’s apartment when Melinda was fucked like a true bitch, she was surprised that her relationship with Rob was never the same again. They became closer to each other something that she wished all the time. Rob, on the other hand, never complained that she was working with an Escort Agency. Basically, she was free to work as an escort and give sexual pleasure to her clients. But, Rob should always be the first priority and that was the condition for Melinda, the top escort Zurich.

It was hard to find an Escort Agency that did not want to work with Melinda. After all, she was the top escort. Mike, David, Shawn, and Luis, the four guys who fucked Melinda in Rob’s apartment were very much influential people. They spread the word of Melinda’s slutty excellence that drove more clients towards her and made her the most sought-after escort Zurich.

Now, there was not only one Escort Agencythat was queuing up for Melinda. but there were also many other agencies wanted to have the best escort Zurichto work with them. Melinda was enjoying this popularity of being a top escort. She never thought that her performance on that night would yield such amazing results. She thought that now it was her time to shine. 

Melinda was getting ready for her appointment with Luis who had become a regular client for her.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She was not inclined to pick it up because she thought it would be from the Escort Agencyand she already had an appointment from Luis. She liked Luis’ cock. However, when she looked at the screen, it was Rob. “Fucking Luis tonight you bitch?” Rob asked. Melinda did not know what to say. She replied, “You got me all into this Rob. He is one of my clients now. I get paid for fucking him.” Rob said, “Yeah! I know you are a slutty escort.

But I want you in my bed tonight. Come to my apartment right away.” Melinda was irritated by Rob’s demand. She said, “I can’t come to you like that. I already have an appointment set tonight.” Rob was pissed by hearing Melinda’s irritated voice. He said, “I know you are the top escort Zurichbut remember, I made you what you are. I turned you from a fucking whore to a slut that anEscort Agencywould die to have. Without me, you wouldn’t have even half the successes you are having right now as an escort, keep that in mind.”

Melinda was so pissed that she hung up the call and went on to prepare herself for the appointment. She told herself, “What the fuck Rob thinks he is. I will fuck whoever I want. I am the best escort Zurichand now, I am going to behave like a true escortlady, not the slave escortof Rob.” She wanted to look sexy tonight and fuck Luis like a true bitch so that she could forget Rob’s insult. She wore a caged bra and a G-String inside and a blue denim top and shorts. Her red lipstick and makeup made her look like delicious meatball that any men would want to rupture. 

She got into the car she bought a week ago and drove to the place given by Luis for their appointment. When she reached there, she saw 5 other cars placed in front of the farmhouse. She knew what was coming. She would be gangbanged again tonight. But, she was getting paid a huge amount of money so she wasn’t unhappy with what she saw. She thought perhaps she needed it to get over the insult, a treatment like a true bitch. She called Luis who came out of the house to greet her and took her inside the room. He said, “Babe, you are looking hot.

Satisfy these four men apart from me. I told them you are the top escortfrom your escort agency.” Melinda interrupted by saying, “Am I not the top escort Zurich, Luis?” He said, “Yes I know! That is why I have all the expectation from you.” Melinda winked and Luis smiled. 

They went inside and Luis introduced her to Damien, Wayne, Simon, and Gareth. They were the bosses of Luis. He wanted to get a promotion so he wanted to give his bosses something that would streamline his promotion. Damien said, “Luis, you are right, this fucking bitch is hot!” to which everyone in the room nodded. Melinda said, “I know that I am the best escort Zurich. I can guarantee you that you will not find a hotter and sexier escortthan me. After all, I am associated with the best escort agency!”

Simon got annoyed and said, “Look, Damien, this bitch is arrogant and cocky. Let’s teach this slut a lesson.” By saying that, Simon got a hold of her long hair and slapped her face hard. He smeared her red lipstick all over her pretty face. “Now that’s how you look pretty, slut.” Then he rubbed Melinda’s face on his crotch and took his cock out to fuck her mouth. All the other boys including Luis took their cock out to fuck Melinda’s face. They laid her on the centre table and fucked her face. While fucking her mouth, they tore her clothes to make her naked. 

Wayne said, “Look, this bitch was wearing a caged bra. Slut, the only thing that can turn us on really is the sound of the scream you will make when we fuck you and make you the real whore. Your escort agencywill get a new whore after tonight.” Melinda was not paying attention to what they were saying. She was busy slurping the juice from their cock. She wanted to show them why she was the top escort Zurich

Luis came down as Melinda was laying on the centre table to suck her pink pussy. Damien signalled Luis to get up as he wanted to suck it. He did not suck Melinda’s pussy. Instead, he slapped it and tried to get his fist inside her pussy. It was tight. He put all his pressure but his fist was too big for her pussy. Melinda was screaming to stop them from doing that. Wayne said, “Look, bitch, you are turning us on now.” Damien told Gareth to bring the oil. He applied it on Melinda’s pussy and his fist and tried one more time with full force and this time, it went in.

Melinda’s eyes were about to pop-up. 

Melinda was in excruciating pain. But, she was the best escort Zurich. So, she continued. After fisting, they fucked her in the ass, pussy, and mouth in one go. They also gave her triple penetration with two cocks in her pussy and ass simultaneously. They stretched her cunt like no one ever did. At the end, when everyone came to her face, breast, body, and mouth, and she swallowed their load, she laid down on the floor like trash. She couldn’t move at all. She was in pain.

Luis assisted her and got her cleaned and drove her to her apartment. Luis said, “I know it wasn’t what you expected, but hopefully you liked it.” Melinda did not say anything. She just took the cash and her car’s keys from Luis and went inside the apartment. She was truly devastated. She called her escort agencynot to book any appointments for the next two days. She thought she would go and see Rob. 

Suddenly, she received a notification on her mobile. She picked up and it was a video that Rob sent her. She lay down on the bed and opened the video. She was shocked at what she saw. It was truly a nightmare for Melinda. In the video, Rob said looking straight into the camera, “Hey bitch! I wanted to have you tonight. But, you are busy fucking Luis and his bosses. You have become a bona fide whore Mel. So, I called your escort agencyto book another escort. I am gonna fuck her now and you will watch my dick stretching her pussy.” 

Tears came out of Melinda’s eyes.

She was a bit surprised to witness tears in her eyes. She watched the whole video and broke down in tears when Rob said after loading that girl’s mouth with his cum. “From now onwards, you are my personal bitch. Whenever I ask you to come here for a fuck, you have to come. I own you now.” Melinda remembered the same words Rob told her a few months back. 

In the last few seconds of the video, Rob came close to the camera and showed his middle finger directed to Melinda and said, “The best escort Zurich, fuck off from my life.” Melinda could not believe what she saw. Her mind became totally blank as she slowly lost her sense knowing, she had lost the most precious person of her life. 

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