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An Awkward Moment

It was a beautiful day in Berlin. Melinda was very excited to meet her client there. As an escort, Melinda had travelled around the world. But, Berlin had a special place in her heart. It was here when she met Rob, the guy who not only fucked her but also stole her heart. The feeling she had with Rob was something she never experienced in her life. But, she never confessed it to Rob. They always had an unspoken connection. They made out multiple times as they enjoyed each other’s company. But, all those encounters were strictly professional and were booked through escort agencies.

Now, Rob was in Zurich and Melinda was in Berlin to meet her client, John. She pressed the bell of the hotel room which John booked for their session. Melinda was wearing a red-coloured gown that made her look sexier than ever. She left her hair open and her long hair made her appear more alluring. The red lipstick made her lips sumptuous. When John opened the door, his eyes were transfixed on Melinda. It was just the perfect start of the session Melinda thought.

John welcomed her as they both hugged.

The fragrance of Melinda’s body already started to turn John on. But, he resisted any move straight away because they were just getting started. John was very happy in his mind because he felt that Melinda looked like a sex goddess. He had read the testimonials of Melinda’s previous clients and thought they were not wrong. Melinda also thought that John is a gentleman and they will have a good time together.

Suddenly, her phone beeped. She was just about to put it on silent and keep it in the bag. It was a text from Rob. “I want to meet you now.” Her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly felt the urge of seeing Rob and having his hard cock inside her. They last made out six months ago. But, she realized where she was and replied, “I can’t, I am in Berlin now.” Again her phone beeped. It was another text from Rob, “I don’t care where you are. I want you now. Even if you are in Berlin, take the first flight and come to my apartment.”

Melinda thought she never saw Rob in such a desperate state

She wanted to be with him. But, she knew that she can’t because, in front of her, John was waiting for her. She told Rob that she is with a client right now. But, Rob was adamant. He texted her again, “I don’t give a damn where you are or with whoever you are, I want you now. Cancel your appointment, I will pay for it. I will pay the double of your fees to have you right now. Catch the first flight, I am waiting for you.”

She thought it would take around four and a half hours for her to travel from Berlin to Zurich in flight. So, it was around 6 PM in Berlin and if she caught the flight early, she might be in Zurich by midnight. But, how she will manage the situation with John? It was an awkward moment for her. She wanted to be with Rob but did not want to disappoint John either. She thought John looked like a gentleman. But how will he react if she told him that she was feeling unwell and would refund the money and she wasn’t willing to carry on with the session and wanted to go back? Even the gentlest of men would freak out at such a situation.

But, she gathered courage and spoke to John.

She thought let’s see what would happen. To her surprise, John did not react. He looked disappointed but he was okay with it. He told her, “Maybe it is the right thing that has happened. I was here to cheat on my wife because she betrayed me. But, still, I loved her and I was unsure about everything. You can go and you don’t have to return the money because you saved me from doing what I deemed as a crime in a relationship. Thank you, Melinda, thank you so much.” Melinda was stunned to hear that and she left straight away after thanking John and giving him a kiss on the cheek for understanding the situation.

She stormed out of the hotel room and looked for a cab. She had to wait for 15 minutes before she found a cab that will take her to the airport. She was getting desperate. She wanted to be there with Rob in no time. After reaching the airport, she found that the next flight was just 5mins away. She took her boarding pass and got onto the flight. Her heart was beating so fast that she was sweating profoundly. The flight attendant came to check her out whether she was okay or not. She told her that she was fine. She thought she had to be fine because, within a few hours, she will be in bed with Rob, the man that controls her like no other man.

When she landed in Zurich, she was hungry.

She was hungry for food and Rob. She wanted Rob to eat her like he used to do in the past. She remembered the slaps Rob hit on her ass while fucking her from behind when they made out for the first time in Berlin. Nobody fucked her that hard and nobody slapped her ass as hard as Rob did on that day. She was getting wet and she could feel that. She didn’t care. She just wanted to be in Rob’s, getting fucked like the old times. She took a cab from the airport to reach the destination where she was expecting to have the best night of her life.

After 5 hours since Rob texted Melinda, she was standing in front of Rob’s apartment. She had a mixed feeling all along the journey. She felt bad for John because his wife cheated on him and he wanted to take revenge by doing the same. However, her heart was pounding with the excitement of seeing Rob. She loved the way Rob dominated her. She put her makeup on once again and rang the bell.

The door was opened and she was dragged inside the apartment.

She knew that she was in for a rough night but she was happy. Nobody fucked her better than Rob. It was as if he had total control over her body and soul. Once she was inside the apartment, Rob tore her gown, bra, and panty and made her naked completely. He pulled her hair and said, “On your knees!” Melinda loved more when Rob ordered her. She obliged. Rob brushed Melinda’s face on his crotch making her choke.

After that, Rob took his cock and put it inside Melinda’s mouth and started fucking her mouth like bonkers. He made her gag badly. But, Melinda loved every second of it. After fucking her mouth, he slapped her face and tits. He sucked and pressed Melinda’s big and natural boobs so hard that she was almost in tears but she was enjoying it. Rob said, “Oh! I missed these tits.” Then he slapped and fucked her tits.

He pulled her once again by her hair and took her to bed. He wasted no time and started fucking her with his hard and long dick. He did not wear any protection. Rob made Melinda cum many times and after fucking her for 20 minutes, he took out his cock and ordered Melinda to open her mouth. He loaded her mouth with his hot cum. She gulped some of it and applied some in her face because she knew Rob liked to see her all over in cum.

After that, Rob told Melinda to take a shower and clean herself up because they will eat together.

Melinda knew now it will be a long and memorable night. After coming out of the shower, Rob ordered Melinda, “Stay naked and don’t wear anything.” Then he grabbed her and took her to the dining table where Rob fed Melinda. It was like Melinda living her dreams. Once the dinner was over, Rob took her to the bedroom and asked her to suck his cock again. She obliged like an obedient sex doll.

Next, Rob lay her on the bed and spread her legs to lick and suck her vagina and asshole. He inserted his two fingers to fuck her. She came profoundly and Rob felt happy. He inserted his dick inside her vagina in the missionary position and came close her ears to whisper, “From now onwards, you are my personal bitch. Whenever I ask you to come here for a fuck, you have to come. I own you now.” Melinda was happy to hear that Rob wanted to continue their sexual adventure which they used to have in the past.

“No other woman satisfied me like you did, Melinda. I missed this and from now we will do this 3 to 4 times a week.” By saying this, Rob started to thrust his dick inside her vagina. Rob came inside her but Melinda did not mind it. Once it was over, Rob lay beside her and she cuddled him. It was the first time Melinda cuddled a man. Perhaps, it was the only silent way she could ever tell Rob how she felt about him.

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